Tuesday, June 13, 2017

A whole new world, inside my home.

By Savitha Hira with inputs by Shrabana Das
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"Mahesh Punjabi Associates plush penthouse interiors indiaartndesign"

Ar. Mahesh Punjabi designs a fashionable penthouse with flourishes of style from across the world…

Starting out at the main door that spells grandeur with walnut veneer and champagne leafing, an aura of sophistication greets you in the double-height living cum dining area with its plush surrounds. Neutral colour palette combined with the soothing essence of wood panelling is the central element of the design of this home.

"Mahesh Punjabi Associates penthouse swarovski chandelier indiaartndesign"

The eye takes in opulence at a glance.  From the luxurious Swarovski chandelier positioned tastefully at the entrance; golden flowers from Shanghai; lighting from Italy and Germany; flooring from Italy or plush furniture from Dubai… there is a nuance of luxe living in almost every corner.

"Mahesh Punjabi Associates plush penthouse mumbai indiaartndesign"
"Mahesh Punjabi Associates penthouse indiaartndesign"

Accentuating this luxurious feel are the floor-to-ceiling windows, softly draped in sheer ceiling-high motorized drapes. The bar positioned at one end, below the stairway caters to the intimacy it requires.

"Mahesh Punjabi Associates penthouse mirrored ceiling indiaartndesign"

One sees pockets of intimate narratives in the voluminous social space.  Ambient lighting using coves and decorative chandeliers is juxtaposed by smart use of LEDs placed underneath each stair tread creates a lighting statement. The element of drama is further captured with the height of the corridors being lowered to preserve privacy in contrast to the double-height of the living area.

"Mahesh Punjabi Associates penthouse cove lighting bedroom indiaartndesign"
"Mahesh Punjabi Associates penthouse bedroom indiaartndesign"

The two-levelled apartment sees a soothing envelope in its private areas as each of the four bedrooms uses ambient lighting, wooden panelling, touches of mirror and a minimal palette of texture and pattern. En-suite bathrooms too, mimic the same understated sensibilities; except the powder toilet that is anointed with a sensorised onyx counter that lights up on proximity, variously coloured mirror chips that make up the mirror, wooden ceiling and white marble flooring with the walls covered in silver Travertino – endorsing the overall luxe feel of the home.

"Mahesh Punjabi Associates penthouse bedroom in white indiaartndesign"
"Mahesh Punjabi Associates penthouse washrooms indiaartndesign"

Instead of blatantly accessorizing the space to achieve a high aesthetic. The architect resorts to more subtle, nuanced flourishes like wooden ceiling with spotlights; touches of silver leafing, geometric patterns on mirror strips; even a completely mirrored ceiling in the passageway to amplify its linearity and make a statement among a few others...

The home sitting close to Patwardhan Park in Bandra, Mumbai strategically draws in the exterior greenery, completing the sensitivity that defines it.

Fact File:
Project: Mr. Bhurjee’s penthouse residence
Designer: Ar. Mahesh Punjabi and Associates
Chief Designer: Ar. Mahesh Punjabi
Area: 600sq. m. 
Location: Mumbai

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