Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Sculptural geometries; apposite lifestyles!

By Annie Aggarwal
Photography: Dinesh Mehta; courtesy Sanjay Puri Architects
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"view from living room terrace ishatvam9 sanjay puri indiaartndesign"
View from living room deck

Ishatvam 9, residential apartments by Ar. Sanjay Puri, in Ranchi, Jharkhand caters to the bespoke lifestyle of its residents. This modern high-rise will allow its users the openness and comfort of the low-rise structures they are used to…

Ranchi has predominantly seen low-rise development, and individual houses with private open spaces, over decades. Ishatvam 9, a 15-storey apartment building is a solution to the rapid urbanization over the past few years; the governing rules now allowing for 50m building height. Designed on a small plot of 1800 sq. m., most of the main road frontage is occupied by a petrol pump, allowing for just a driveway and small space beyond, leaving little scope for recreation at the ground level.
"entrance view ishatvam9 sanjay puri indiaartndesign"
Entrance view
"east view of double height decks ishatvam9 sanjay puri indiaartndesign"
East view of double-height decks

Ishatvam 9 is designed with attention to all these contextual details, and has a sculptural quality about it. Every apartment occupies one complete floor, allowing for each internal space to extend into a balcony or terrace. This facilitates familiar private open spaces for the residents.
"living room terrace and bedroom balcony ishatvam9 sanjay puri indiaartndesign"
Living room deck and bedroom balcony

Double-height decks and cantilevered bedrooms are carved out of bold geometries. Splayed and twisted walls allow for varying spatial character throughout these spaces; where residents are free to choose contemplation under the open sky or morning tea under the protection of a louvered roof. Surrounding development being low rise, residents enjoy open views in all directions, within the comfort of their home.
"east and northeast views ishatvam9 sanjay puri indiaartndesign"
East and North-East views
"north and northeast views ishatvam9 sanjay puri indiaartndesign"
North and North-East views
"southeast and southwest views ishatvam9 sanjay puri indiaartndesign"
South-East and South-West views

Open spaces play an important role in providing thermal comfort, whilst the envelope of balconies and terraces keeps the interiors cool against the excessive heat. Extensions of landscaped spaces efficiently maximize natural light and cross ventilation for each interior space.
"internal view showing balcony ishatvam9 sanjay puri indiaartndesign"
Internal view showing balcony
"balcony detail ishatvam9 sanjay puri indiaartndesign"
Balcony detail

In keeping with the social pattern of life in Ranchi, the apartments are designed with a large living and dining area located centrally. All rooms are accessed from this focal space allowing for increased interaction amongst the customary three generations of a family, living together. Though some lobbies create dead spaces in the house, overall internal circulation is kept to a minimum.

A highlight of the project is its exterior composition. It varies from each direction – north, west, east, south, building on the intrigue factor associated with iconic structures.

Ishatvam 9 is proof that shifting to an apartment doesn’t mean having to give up your lifestyle pattern. The familiar is revisited, endorsing that change can be adapted to much easier, when sensitivity becomes part of design.


  1. wow that is awesome i never seen before that types of building this one is very nice i wish i live here

  2. Mandar NaniwadekarApril 28, 2017 at 11:59 AM

    That's really extraordinary design. As rightly said 'Sculptural geometries'. And living inside a Sculpture.... simply fantastic idea.. :)


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