Saturday, April 15, 2017

Entertainment beckons at home!

By Shrabana Das
Photography: Courtesy IAnD Archives
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"home theatre purple ink studio indiaartndesign"
©purple ink studio

Revel in the theatre experience from the comfort of your home environs. Check out our spot-on DIY tips to help you achieve that perfect edge-of-your-seat feel...

With the home theatre gradually becoming important in every residence, the right ambience adds the perfect edge, especially if you want to recreate a holistic experience. After all, it is not simply a trendy television strapped on to some neat surround sound stuff, right? So, here we go… 

"home theatre kapil agarwal architects indiaartndesign"
©kapil agarwal architects

Setting the right atmosphere: While daylight is the delight of every home, it is a strict no-no in the home theatre. This is the bat-cave of your residence. Therefore, it is a good idea to utilize the dead areas or the basement for this room, where you can totally cut off the sunlight.


Lighting: LED strip lights in the ceiling are one of the best ideas for a home theatre. The lighting in the home theatre should be preferably muted, indirect. Plus, you can experiment all you want with the colour, like the groovy pink in the picture above. 

"home theatre zz architects indiaartndesign"
©z z architects
"hometheatre with bar harish lakhani indiaartndesign"
©harish lakhani architects

Size matters: While buying the screen for the Home Theatre, it is imperative to consider the size of the room. Balance being the key, the screen should dominate the room, yet, not be too diminutive!

"waiting area alesia cinema manuelle gautrand studio indiaartndesign"
©manuelle gautrand studio

Seating: While a side table or end table can be considered for keeping the popcorn on, the main element of furniture here is the seating. The target – as comfortable as possible. One should sink into the movie through the plush seating. So, go for couches, sofas, the Lazyboy… absolutely anything soft and definitely with a backrest. Alternately, consider comfortable informal sprawl-on-the-floor ambience for an earthy yet contemporary feel!
"home theatre room Maxime Jacquet indiaartndesign"
©maxime jacquet

A tad of monotony is advised, when it comes to the walls and the floor. After all, you wouldn’t Van Gogh on the adjacent wall distracting you and company! Monochromatic wood, wall panels and tiles are a good way to go.

After all, your home theatre defines who you are!

Happy viewing!


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