Thursday, February 23, 2017

The highs and lows of back to school!

By Rutvi Ashar
Photography: Indrajit Sathe; courtesy The Orange Lane
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"TBSE Juhu shabnam gupta indiaartndesign"

Revisit school at The Bar Stock Exchange, Juhu, Mumbai designed by The Orange Lane. "Playgrounds are proving grounds" here, while you bid for your drinks! 

Indulge your good-old-school-days nostalgia with a mature vibe as you rekindle your child-like exuberance in this school themed bar in Juhu. Rather unusual for the fast-growing uber popular brand, this theme is premeditated to stand out from the rest of them; juxtaposing simple pleasures in life (an evening with friends) with long-forgotten happy associations. 

"yellow chairs TBSE Juhu shabnam gupta indiaartndesign"

The 175 cover, 4500 square feet space consists of a large indoor and outdoor section bordered by dense plantation and old trees.

"partitions TBSE Juhu shabnam gupta indiaartndesign"
"library wall TBSE Juhu shabnam gupta indiaartndesign"

Wood, metal and concrete in their natural finishes make bold statements here through flooring, playful furniture and innovative partitions. Nostalgic elements make choosing a table hard; from a playground packed with tables built-into swings; a school bus bar parked alongside a basketball court; a chemistry lab with equipment and formulae scribbled all over and a wall of books that all cohesively unite in the space. 

"carousal TBSE Juhu shabnam gupta indiaartndesign"
"bus TBSE Juhu shabnam gupta indiaartndesign"

Subtle bursts of colour in comparatively smaller elements like the air-conditioning duct, lighting fixtures and assorted bar stools are a fresh welcome in an otherwise muted colour palette. Sections have been created to provide flexible seating options - all inspired from typical school furniture ranging from canteen-style tables with attached benches to staff-room chairs and even the library. 

"celeb bar TBSE Juhu shabnam gupta indiaartndesign"
"services passage TBSE Juhu shabnam gupta indiaartndesign"

The only contrast to the otherwise fantastic school-year-feeling is the entrance that misleads the user. The blue door with the chain link fencing and almost jail-like signage of the bar gives the indication of a prison theme that suddenly switches into a school day. While the interiors are bold and funky, the entrance fails to impress! However overall, the theme hits hard, colours and interior finishes are the mark of good design that gel with the concept of the bar, compelling you to visit over and over! 

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