Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Building narratives

By Marina Correa
Photography: RiyazQuraishi; courtesy the architects
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"living room hyderabad residence moriq architects indiaartndesign"

Reinventing the regular treatment of spaces, Moriq Interiors & Design Consultants indulge in crafting distinct narratives to lend youthful exuberance to this trendy Hyderabad apartment…

Starting out with 80% shear walls and an out-of-box approach,multifarious scenarios are woven into a singularly warm hearth. Since the apartment is for a young couple, who enjoy close-knit bonds with family and friends, a dramatically open-plan layout is conceived, where walls dissolve and spaces flow into each other - physically and visually - augmenting volume.

"open plan hyderabad residence moriq architects indiaartndesign"

As wooden flooring coquettishly vies for attention with a strikingly attractive ensemble in Spanish tiles, little set-ups fold: For instance, the monochrome master bedroom with its suspended wooden member bespoke bed complemented by quaint tables with a quirky twist becomes a compact scenario exuding oodles of warmth in itself; similarly, multi-coloured upholstery, rug, floor-cushions and suspended couch-chairs in the living area transform into a completely different setting. Juxtaposition of a youthful lounge area against the serene master bedroom affects a fine balance, whilst the B&W digital wallpaper applied to one wall of the open-plan judiciously balances the colour quotient, while anchoring the home in its urbane context.
"Spanish tiles hyderabad residence moriq architects indiaartndesign"

As an extension of this thought,multi-functional pieces facilitate smooth transition of different moods and situations. For instance, the dining table seamlessly continues as a kitchen counter; sliding doors open up or provide privacy as and when required; rotatable 360o lights ensure a spotlight, wherever required...
"dining table kitchen counter hyderabad residence moriq architects indiaartndesign"
"entrance hyderabad residence moriq architects indiaartndesign"

Building upon camaraderie, the interactive-ness of an object is given priority as seen in a B&W picture collage of the couple’s companionship days or a cluster of souvenirs from the duo’s travels or a blackboard at the entrance especially meant to express their emotions and thoughts.
"bedroom hyderabad residence moriq architects indiaartndesign"

Underlining the firm’s penchant for creating classy projects, oodles of style infuses the home, whether via the sudden striations that crisscross the ceiling; the leather drawer-front chest of drawers; bicycle wheel, handcart table; or even the metal light installation… building pockets of interest and intrigue within the sum of its parts; fashioning one story line within the next.
Fact file:
Firm: Moriq
Design team:  Chief Consultant: Riyaz Quraishi & Associate Consultant Simeen Quraishi
Area:  3,500 sq. ft. 
Location: Hyderabad

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