Friday, February 10, 2017

Of real-time imagery!

By FinchD
Photography: Prashant Bhat; courtesy the architects
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"here solutions reception beyond design indiaartndesign"

Planned as an archetypal office space, the design for HERE Solutions is notable by virtue of its imagery and graphical explorations...

Designed by Beyond Design Architects & Consultants Pvt. Ltd for technology giant, HERE Solutions, the office accommodates 600 workstations, an executive cabin, a boardroom, a demo room, a cafeteria and multiple meeting rooms, conference rooms and training rooms. The open plan, with a pragmatic sequence of spaces warrants a non-intrusive workspace, sensibly manoeuvring the employees and guests alike.
"here solutions open plan office beyond design indiaartndesign"

The arrangement of the aisles and cabins creates clear passages in case of emergencies, while the corner location of the cafeteria ensures the entry of natural light, in what would otherwise be a typically cold, corporate office environment. Located centrally, is a large common area, meant as an integrated workspace, while the training rooms are almost enshrouded in the corner to avoid disturbances in the main work areas.
"here solutions cabin beyond design indiaartndesign"

Dealing with questions on mobility, HERE solutions enables a safe and efficient travel experience, integrating information from devices, vehicles and infrastructure to create innovative real-time maps, ensuring an interactive journey for users. The imagery used in the space, is thus a reflection of this process.
"here solutions graphic design beyond design indiaartndesign"

While the walls are projected with images of aerial views of citiscapes, the glass partition walls are super-imposed with figure ground maps of large urban stretches. The focus of the practice on digital mapping systems is translated through this ubiquitous combination of relatable photographs, as wallpapers, and technical drawings, as etchings on glass panels.
"here solutions meeting area in reception beyond design indiaartndesign"
"here solutions meeting area beyond design indiaartndesign"

The diversity in imagery, which ranges from bird’s-eye views of metropolitan cities to pockets of urban landscapes, echoes the disparate user base, which includes pedestrians, bikers and users of automobiles as well as public transport.    
"here solutions meeting room beyond design indiaartndesign"
"here solutions cafeteria beyond design indiaartndesign"

While commercial spaces typically have a tendency to generate an unfriendly and stereotype work environment, the integration of a visual narrative about the work of the practice has resulted in a congenial ambience.

Fact File
Design Firm: Beyond Design Architects & Consultants Pvt. Ltd
Design Team: Alhad Gore, Ajay Tonpe, Gopal Ade
Client: HERE Solutions
Location: Gigaplex, Aioli
Area: 45000 sq. ft. carpet
Period of completion: 100 days

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  1. Gary Faucette·2nd Part Owner/ Energy Consultant at A V Energy, Lancaster, CaliforniaFebruary 22, 2017 at 3:49 PM

    great design!


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