Thursday, January 26, 2017

Feb. Focus: Role of art in Interior Design

Guest Editor of the month: Interior Designer Shabnam Gupta

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Just as H2O is incomplete without that one molecule of oxygen, interiors are incomplete without art. As Guest Editor of the month, Interior Designer of repute, Shabnam Gupta will be bringing us her insights, talking about the use of art as an integral aspect of interior design; as an influence, a starting point, at the intersection of urban design and architecture and at times for its own sake!

Juxtaposing joie-de-vivre with chic styling, Shabnam is a very individualistic designer, who has gradually carved a niche for herself with a distinctive blend of arty, fusion interiors that always impact, one way or the other…

Her design firm, The Orange Lane undertakes interior and architectural projects providing design consultancy and turn-key solutions working across the country on homes, farm houses, corporates, and bars and restaurants. Her hi-profile clientèle comprises celebrities in the movie industry to corporate honchos, hoteliers and business men alike.

Taking her quintessential eye for detail into a range of bespoke designer furniture, lifestyle and interior products, Shabnam also helms her retail venture, Peacock Life, where she offers a collection of earthy, recycled and environmentally friendly treasure trove of unique lighting fixtures, quirky wall hangings, playful accessories reflecting a blend of the old and the new. 

Watch out for the gems of Shabnam’s wisdom in the editorials every Wednesday of February 2017.

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