Sunday, October 9, 2016

Design Expressions: Glamour is…!

Diwali Special 2016

By FinchD
Photography: Courtesy the designers
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glamorous dining area
©Studio Osmosis

Glamour is an equivocal term, with varying interpretations in the design world. IAnD talks to six designers about their views on the topic!

Although the earliest usage of the word had connotations to the world of magic, towards the 19th century, ‘Glamour’ was used to signify agents of illusion. It refers to the apparent effortless mysteriousness applied to objects and spaces, which aid in creating alluring and supernatural designs.

While some designers focus on details, and others centre their designs around textures and a variety of elements, the premeditated outcome is, more often than not, a favourable version of the mundane.    

Designers’ Speak:
eclectic decor

Shabnam Gupta: The Orange Lane
“Glamour to me is… not being ostentatious; but to beautifully combine sophistication with a touch of quirk.

designing with light

Kayzad Shroff: ShroffLeón
“Glamour to me is… a magical, romantic, and at times, illusory attractiveness.”

tiles embellished on counter

Neha Bhardwaj: Layers Studio for Design and Architecture
“Glamour to me is… the feeling of enchantment and magic that one experiences, when one comes across a piece of work that transcends the realm of the ‘real’ and takes one into a mystical place, whether physical or symbolic; that brings out child-like happiness and enthusiasm within oneself!!”

bling can bring in luxury

Amee Vora: Fourth Dimension
“For me, glamour explores the concepts and objects that bring fairy tales to life. It is a story narrated with the help of one or more elements, which together emanate experiences that mesmerize the user, allowing the eye to feast and people to linger in that space,  helping them live their dreams.”

residential architecture

Krupa Zubin: ZZ Architects
“Glamour to means designing with a keen eye to detailing, irrespective of the scale and volume.   The constant discovery of the unseen  along with clever use of textural surfaces and various materials add a sense of depth as one transcends through  spaces. The variety of bespoke work with no direct influences stays true to the time and the elite clients they are built for.”

four poster bed

Shilpa Jain & Sameer Balvally: Studio Osmosis
“Glamour to me is… about timeless design, which is a combination of elegance, subtlety and sophistication. Not simply influenced by cost and branding, it uncovers individuality and imagination. The consequential space thus exudes a magic, balance, and warmth despite contrasts and acts as a magnet to draw people in to explore, enjoy and make lingering memories.” 

Is ‘Glamour' then a means of expression, one that aims at creating magical and illusory spaces with simple and charismatic solutions?  Or is it a highly personal statement of bespoke style?  Let’s each of us discover our very personal connotation.

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