Friday, June 17, 2016

Real estate office gets a creative makeover

By Marina Correa
Photography: courtesy Square Consultancy Services
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office lounge

Design Studio, Square Consultancy Services use a progressive approach to evolve a more easy-going, creative, studio-ish atmosphere that categorically conveys the company’s brand message thru its interior fit-out…

Staying away from the oft’-used, regular material palette of plywood, veneer and stone, architects Subhrajit Mitra and Ranit Maiti have infused cheerfulness and flamboyance into the CMYK office for a real estate developer in the heart of Kolkata...
office reception

Working on the sole premise of incorporating the brand message “comfortable relationship”, the architects began by challenging the very notion of designing the office space in conventional terms. For example, they questioned the need for having a formal conference room; a segregation of public and private spaces; the necessity of displaying the company name near the reception; conventional display systems etc.
office passage
office cabin design

Consequently, the 1200 sq. ft. office space imbibes corporate messages and branding as sleek graphic messages on full-height glass walls that open up the space, offering a natural corollary for bringing in light and ensuring privacy.  Shunning the typical formal, reticent look that most real estate offices exude, this predominantly white and grey envelope is spiced up akin to a design studio with blotches and pop-ups of colour sustaining a vibrant, spirited atmosphere.
modern office cubicles
office area

The challenge of having only a single window in the property, which programmatically had to be sealed off from the rest of the office, is met with by the layered transparent open office design that smartly positions the meeting room at the far end of the office. This allows the clients to get a glimpse of the working environment en route; reinstating the brand vocabulary as a subtle undertone.
office interior plan

The conscious decision to do away with conventional conference table and chairs makes way for sofas and colourful loungers that set the tone for a comfortable exchange of ideas; thus emulating the philosophy of the company, which is to develop a comfortable relationship with its customers.


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