Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Meeting the challenge of small and linear!

By Marina Correa
Photography: Dev Ambardekar; courtesy the architects
glass facade

Bengaluru’s Lemirado restaurant designed by Kamat & Rozario Architecture rises to the challenge of linear-small (approx.460 sq ft) via its simple, organic yet chic footprint…

In line with the architects’ core philosophy of ‘keeping things simple’, this 3.3 mts x 11.8 mts linear space is inspired by the erstwhile popular bar - Dewar’s, which was renowned for converting strangers into buddies over a drink or meal! 
patterned cement tile flooring

Fascinated by this idea, a large communal table anchors the space and also proves to be a smart way to accommodate maximum covers in this minuscule layout with the kitchen tucked under a compact mezzanine level.
communal table

The colour palette takes on natural and neutral tones. Since the front fa├žade overlooks lush greenery, a floor-to-ceiling glass panel draws in light and nature, whilst grey raw cement ceiling, patterned tread ends and deep brown wooden tones infuse an organic look-feel.
narrow linear space

Presenting a perfect foil for the creatively-inclined to sketch their masterpieces are the stark white walls all around, although a soft dose of colour is evoked via patterned cement flooring and a few framed works of art.
different chairs

In terms of materiality, the dictum ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ infuses every square inch of this minimalist area as all the furniture is chiselled out of teak wood salvaged from the client’s old pieces.
tread-ends shaped to induce a fun element

For instance, disparate wooden boards form table tops, whilst recycled and retrofitted chairs may seem mismatched on first impression, but as one familiarizes themselves with the eclectic theme of the eatery – a harmonious and kindred atmosphere comes into play.
details of staircase andlights

Though difficult to imagine, the stylish pendant lights are actually designed from old clutch parts of trucks and perforated metal sheets turning the interiors into an eclectic mix just like its global cuisine; thus serving up a casual and homely atmosphere that fosters camaraderie amongst its patrons.

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