Saturday, March 19, 2016

A highly emotive built-form

By Savitha Hira
Photography: courtesy the architects
house design

Team Cubism Architects and Interiors ingeniously interpret the personas of the homeowners into the architectural vocabulary, delivering a custom solution high on functional and aesthetic elements...

It is very important for an architect / designer to understand the finer characteristics of the clients that he is designing for. At this home in Tirupur too, the plush, discerningly accessorized, 6140 sq. ft home, warm in a neutral palette of off-whites, siennas and crèmes; open and free flowing in form and function, epitomises the mindset of its inmates.
architecture and its melodious language

Two requirements were prioritized – maximizing natural light and ventilation; and optimizing privacy for the inmates given that the home is sandwiched between another residential and a commercial property. So working on accomplishing the best possible view and clean open areas, the ground plus one structure is designed to encourage an indoor-outdoor dialogue, complete with a lush green private garden following the tenets of “Tropical Modernism”, as the architects inform us.
interior design

What stands out is the strong architectural vocabulary that maximizes the build-able area on the technical front; whilst it communicates the confident mindset of the home-owners via its selective material and colour, and structural composition.
MS pipes as structural members
gate and entrance

Clean geometrical forms with straight lines and angles abut the straight-line exterior with its sloping roof (a composite structure comprising of RCC and MS sections) along the south and east sides. ‘V’ shaped MS pipes of 8 1/2" dia that act as structural members, hidden in the beams via anchor bolt settings and anchored in the horizontal beams of the floor below, become the focal point of the facade.

In fact, juxtaposing them and factoring into the horizontal plane of the building are two vertical planes that create an enigmatic presence and nurture intrigue. Liberally encouraging the lines to get vocal are the pergolas that double up as attractive design elements, whilst they create chiaroscuro elements, playfully flirting with the built form.  
different colours and materials

And holding the important baton of binding all these elements is the colour and material palette: plastered walls, tiled surfaces, HPL louvers, metal, glass, wood and granite hold court complemented by large glass doors that link the indoors and outdoors.

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