Wednesday, September 23, 2015

India on the design map – India Pavillion at LDF 2015!

By Beverly Pereira 
Photography: Courtesy the artists and designers

Oxo Tower Wharf - venue of India Pavillion at Designersblock  LDF 2015
Oxo Tower Wharf - venue of India Pavillion at Designersblock  LDF 2015

Four Indian artists and designers showcase their work via the India Pavilion at the ongoing London Design Festival 2015...

The London Design Festival (LDF), now in its 13th year, opened to the public on September 19 at venues across London. Among the many events is the second edition of the India Pavilion from 23-27 September. Showcasing the works of four Indian artists and designers, the event is co-curated by India Art n Design ezine in association with Designersblock, a well-established London-based exhibitor.

Acrylic on Canvas by Arun Awasarmol
Acrylic on Canvas by Arun Awasarmol

Arun Awasarmol
With a strong command over various mediums — oils, acrylic, charcoal, poster and watercolour on paper and canvas — Mumbai-based fine artist Arun Awasarmol’s artistic style highlights India’s rich heritage. His present work in oil/acrylic colours and mixed medium on canvas displays childhood memories of various mythological stories and religious tales and their deep impact on his mind. 

Acrylic on Canvas by Eknath Giram
Acrylic on Canvas by Eknath Giram

Eknath Giram
The distinctive style of Eknath Giram — expressionist semi-abstract figurative with elongated necks and figures — is often likened to that of Italian painter Modigliani. Yet, the young Mumbai-based fine artist has carved a niche of his own using Krishna and his tales as a central theme. Fluid, sensuous, limpid figures come to life against a faint backdrop on Giram’s signature canvases, adding depth to the narrative. 

Installation by Lalit Hira
Installation by Lalit Hira

Lalit Hira
For Lalit Hira, ancient Hindu scriptures and traditional ways of living provide philosophical fodder for his new photo-installation titled ‘Simply a way of life’. Having spent a little over three decades in the field of interior and custom furniture design, Lalit questions the rampant use of green terminology and draws a parallel with the practices and lifestyles of our forefathers  through a series of handpicked photographs displayed on take-away postcards. Utilising the HavanKund, or sacrificial altar, as a metaphoric form of display for his work, the designer attempts to form a common thread between the art of presentation and the design thinking of an experienced individual, his values and semantics as a designer. He will also showcase a utility sculpture, a tabletop organiser called To-Do, alongside the installation. 

Graphic Design by The Grafiosi
Graphic Design by The Grafiosi

The Grafiosi
Aesthetically empowered, functional design lies at the crux of design and art professional Pushkar Thakur’s stylistic philosophy. The entrepreneur and owner of New Delhi-based art and design studio The Grafiosi attempts to exhibit his studio’s decade-long design journey through an installation that unravels the anatomy of The Grafiosi’s design process. A meticulously curated showcase of art and photography will take place at the India Pavilion, as will the international launch of The Grafiosi’s retail brand, OriginOne.

India Pavillion is being hosted by Designersblock at:
Venue: The Bargehouse venue, Oxo Tower Wharf, Southbank London. 
Dates: 24 - 27 Sept.'15
Timings: 11 hours - 18 hours

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