Friday, August 7, 2015

Classic-Modern Interiors

Compiled by UditaChaturvedi
Photography: Courtesy Square Consultancy Services

living room

Square Consultancy Services’ show flat for a residential apartment building in Kolkata addresses the limitations of standard architectural design and detailing, basic finishes and existing electrical points through a monochromatic theme and minimum-furniture approach.

The monochromatic black-and-white interior design scheme is a uniting factor in this show flat, where the architects incorporate a vast array of contrasting surfaces, textures and patterns to highlight how a discerning aesthetic approach can turn a simple home into a stylish abode. The monochrome theme, dealt with as a classical modern idiom, accentuates the furniture n the common spaces and lets the different fabrics, patterns and throw pillows take centre stage.
master bedroom
green bedroom furniture

As one moves from the public areas to the private, the thematic is offset by one-dimensional colour palettes in a style that is urban and chic. While an occasional pop of colours (golden, pink and teal) in the bedrooms add a sense of energy, the walls — that are painted in a hue hand-picked from the predominant colour palette of the room — provide suppleness and composure to the interiors.
white bedroom furniture
black and white decor living room

Meanwhile, furniture has been restricted to a minimum in the flat. However, attention has been paid to its purpose, practicality and design. Classical and modern designs have been amalgamated to produce the perfect modern-classic furniture pieces with simple or no carvings and minimum embellishments. This creates a very European ambience through the retro-style furniture that adorns the flat. Enhancing elegance and complimenting this style of furniture are single large pieces of decorative items like tall flower vases, table/floor lamps or even a collage of wall paintings — all in the same tonal accents as the room.
family room
dining room

Colour is actually the main ingredient, when it comes to the classical modernism approach towards furniture. And the different one-dimensional colour palettes of brown and beige blend easily and naturally with the underlying monochromatic theme of the show flat, enlivening the space, making it appear chic and lived-in at the same time.


  1. Great and impressive article!!

  2. Nancy John from BrazilAugust 24, 2015 at 10:53 AM

    houses are very different here. I guess we have so many wood houses because of all the forest land. And if you didn't have a toilet in the bathroom - most Americans would find that very odd! It does seem like different parts of the world have very different styles!


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