Friday, May 8, 2015

Inward-looking Residence

By Beverly Pereira
Photography: Courtesy Collage Architecture Studio

Exterior of home in Bangalore by Collage Architecture Studio

Split-levels, louvered balconies, indoor landscaping and floating spaces transform a compact plot into an airy home in Bangalore...

Collage Architecture Studio believes that good design embodies a simple idea that spells functionality, elegance and honesty. The Bangalore-based studio also advocates the need for contextual and sustainable design, without compromising on the basic principles of space planning. Their most recent exercise is a warm and minimal residence on a compact 1,500 sq. ft. plot that stands apart for its out-of-box inward-looking ambience.

Res in Bangalore by Collage Architecture Studio
Front elevation                                                                                   Internal courtyard showing gradation of levels
Res in Bangalore by Collage Architecture Studio

The design team comprising principal architect Swapnil Valvatkar and project architects Chaitanya R and Pradnya Patil have opted for a wall-free split-level planning that make spaces appear larger and facilitate free-flowing interaction and ventilation. Abundant natural light from a roof skylight floods the house, while the external walls’ hollow clay blocks lower indoor temperature, minimising the dependence on artificial energy.

Home in Bangalore by Collage Architecture Studio
Living room with the water-body circumscribed louver-shuttered pooja room

Resting upon a basement, the podium level accommodates public spaces, including a water-body circumscribed prayer room and an indoor-landscaped central court, positioned at splits. Private spaces like the study room, bedrooms and a floating multi-purpose room are assigned to the upper level.

Home in Bangalore by Collage Architecture Studio
Double-height living room                                                      Multi-purpose room overlooking
                                                                                                                      the internal courtyard below

Home in Bangalore by Collage Architecture Studio
Ground Floor Plan                                                                    First Floor Plan

Three cubes juxtapose the open spaces with closed volumes wrapped in louvered shutters using steel suspenders and i-sections instead of beams. Making a strong statement of uniqueness, the louvered balconies are provided with open-able shutters that keep the sun out by day; and by night, transform the interiors into private warmly-lit landscaped spaces. 
Home in Bangalore by Collage Architecture Studio
Multi-purpose room
Home in Bangalore by Collage Architecture Studio
Internal Courtyard

The colour palette draws from nature with an extensive use of wood — for doors, windows, louvers, bedroom floors and furniture. Blue tiles and textured paint symbolise the sky, while indoor landscaping brings in splashes of green against the primarily white house with black granite flooring. 


  1. the space & the details play the master rule of design - contemporary but simple & unique using of wood plus iron & steel.

  2. Jaisim Krishna RaoAugust 18, 2015 at 12:23 PM

    any Indian traditional home is always inward looking


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