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Kala Ghoda Art Festival 2014

Compiled by Pari Syal
Photography: Courtesy KGAF

Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2014, Mumbai

The most iconic and much awaited Kala Ghoda Arts Festival in Mumbai opens its arms to the connoisseurs and hoi-polloi with a perfect amalgamation of Art, Craft, Theatre, Culture, Dance, Food, Literature and this time, Urban Design.

In its 16th edition, the community-based celebration that binds the city of Mumbai follows “Momentum” as its main theme, following the sprint-lifestyle of Mumbaikars. The city that never sleeps is the dream destination of myriad personalities; a city which finds order in chaos and amidst the pace and pause, continues to baffle, overwhelm and inspire.

Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2014, Mumbai
Glimpses from past KGAFs

Each of the various sections – Literature, Theatre, etc., is also woven through an individual thematic that purports to underline the principal premise and prove inspirational and encouraging to the common man. A full circle of art and culture-rich engagement is on the cards – you can spend time with novelists and poets, columnists and non-fiction writers at the Literature sessions at David Sasoon Library, Arbour and Tarq.

You could take your children – always a special segment choreographed for them – to the workshops at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maha Vastu Sangrahalaya Gardens and Kitab Khana on the theme of ‘Mini-Momentum’.  

Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2014, Mumbai
Kala Ghoda stalls

The ‘Road Show’ – is the buzzing street at Rampart Row, enthused on either side by craftsmen, artisans and NGOs, selling their wares from the famous Kala Ghoda stalls.  There will be food stalls too from the restaurants in the area.  You can experience amazing folk dance forms, sounds of traditional instruments and spectacular costumes as puppeteers, street artists and folk dancers entertain you, changing the mood of the street every single day of the festival.

Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2014, Mumbai
Dance performance - Diva Agarwal

Besides, there are interactive installations and photography exhibits at Rampart Row, Parking Lot, CSMVS Gardens, David Sasoon Library, Art Entrance and Artists' Centre; Food workshops with focus on ‘the home-cook’ and the ‘do-it-yourself caterer;  street plays and theatre at Horniman Circle Garden, Max Mueller Bhavan and Artists' Centre;  cinema at Coomaraswamy Hall, Max Mueller Bhavan, BNHS, Gallery Beyond; diverse workshops at Artisans’, Artists' Centre and Gallery ICIA; heritage walks, dance and music performances and more…

Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2014, Mumbai
Art Installation - Ilyas Ahmed 

A new and fitting addition is the ‘urban design and architecture’ segment that provides both a broad, humanistic perspective on the physical aspects of the city, and exposure to future architects, city planners, public administrators, and writers on urban problems and solutions. An infrastructure discussion panel will propose to highlight design views by well known architects, urban strategists and planners.

Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2014, Mumbai
Aashiyana Shroff's Tart-making workshop

The USP of the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival is that there is absolutely no discrimination, no registrations; it is open to all and entry is free for all events, workshops, theatrical acts, etc., on first come - first serve basis.   

Dates: 1st Feb-9th Feb, 2014
Venue: Kala Ghoda, Fort, Mumbai

For details regarding The Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, log on to: 

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