Saturday, October 26, 2013

This Diwali, Do-it-Yourself

IAnD Exclusive

Pre-Diwali Special

By Udita Chaturvedi
Photography: Courtesy The Wishing Chair

DIY for Diwali

With Diwali just around the corner, we catch up with a home décor store to find out how you can brighten up your home this season in a most innovative, beautiful and easy DIY manner.

Avneet Mann, a marketing professional and Vivita Relan, a lifestyle journalist with her own little café have together realized a dream –a lifestyle accessories store aptly christened, ‘The Wishing Chair’, known for its out-of-box ideas.

DIY for Diwali

Vivita and Avneet share a creative idea that can help your home be different this Diwali. The fairy light canisters are not kitschy or too ethic, neither are they too hotel-inspired. They are just perfect. 

DIY for Diwali

Materials required:
  •  Mercury glass canisters (or simple glass jars)
  • A bunch of LED or fairy lights
  •  Rope
  • Glass paints
  • A plug-point and
  • A place to display them

Step 1:             If you can get the self-textured mercury glass canisters then half your work is done. If not, get a few small glass jars — like the ones in which your grandma stored pickles — and paint them in subtle colours.

Step 2:         Tie a rope around the jar’s neck and use some more rope to make a handle.   Make sure it’s strong enough to hold the weight of the jar.

Step 3:         Take a string of fairly lights and place most of it inside the canister and tie the remaining around the rope-covered neck and handle before connecting it to a plug-point.

DIY for Diwali

That’s it. Just place it on a table or hang it in your balcony.


  1. This is a really cool idea... am definitely going to try it out!

  2. Superb idea... thank you for sharing :)


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