Saturday, October 26, 2013

“Royalty in Simplicity”

IAnD Exclusive 

Pre-Diwali Special

By Team IAnD
Photography: Courtesy the experts

Image: Courtesy Superb Wallpapers

It is celebration time. You want your home to sparkle, look different, a show-stopper of sorts.  IAnD spoke to some experts from across the country to bring you myriad ideas of how you can achieve ‘royalty in simplicity’ and make your home a beautiful place to celebrate happiness.  

Here is what they have to say from the very simplistic to the dramatic:

Image: Courtesy Ar. Seema Puri

Seema Puri
Architect, Mumbai

“To get royalty in simplicity, the best way is to use deep and rich colours like maroon, red, aubergine, dark blue; or pop colours like gold, deep pink or velvet. You can add colour to the walls of the entrance or the bedroom by using plain paint, or vinyl (for textured or embossed effect), or even large motifs depending on your budget. Frames and paintings on the wall add extra look and feel.”

Image: Courtesy Akriti Gaurav

Akriti Gaurav
Owner, Home Sweet Home, a lifestyle home store, New Delhi

“Its festival time and the house should reflect festivity. You should use a lot of colours to set the mood right. Colourful bed-spreads, bright cushion covers and rangoli can usher in the regal touch.”

image: Courtesy  Nooriya Shamsi

Nooriya Shamsi
Interior designer, Designtastic interiors, New Delhi

"To make royalty simplistic, lights are a perfect medium. Fairy lights can work as tasteful regalia and add festivity and celebration to a regular room. Mirrors add both depth and dimension to home and happiness. Since festivities and celebration are all about joy, colours are imperative! Adorning walls and other furnishings with bright colours will add greatly to the festive mood."

Image: Courtesy  Reena Khanna

Reena Khanna
Fashion designer, Reena’s designs, Jaipur
“Bling is what you should focus on but not too much of it. Just the perfect subtle amount of it. Wear lace saree borders with sequence work or wear a shimmery petticoat under georgette. Even dresses can have some bling around the neck. It's also necessary to accessorize well, with bracelets or neckpieces. But don't overdo it.”  

Image: Courtesy Renu Chainani

Renu Chainani
Style conscious co-owner of Eastern Treasures, a lifestyle store, Mumbai

“This festive season is all about conservation and keeping it down. With the slow economy, it is better to use fabrics and re-usable decorations like stunning velvets and sarees; but in style.  Instead of elaborate floral decorations, opt for lovely candles (gold and silver leafed candle stands) and hurricane lamps that can be reused next year to add grandeur.”

So, whether it’s  a touch of bling in your attire or a glow and shine in your home interiors, being regal is just as much an extension of oneself as one’s lifestyle preferences…

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