Tuesday, September 17, 2013

‘India Pavilion’ at the London Design Festival 2013

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By Team IAnD

‘India Pavilion’ at the London Design Festival 2013

The ‘India Pavilion’ is all set to showcase at the London Design Festival 2013 with a small, rich talent base of grassroots innovators, furniture designers and fine artists…
Where design and design sensibilities were once location specific, openness to innovation, irrespective of cultural, religious and geographic boundaries, has drawn the vast realm of design into a focused, accessible space. Designers from various parts of the world are striving to propagate their designs across borders.

In such a scenario of growth, India’s digital magazine on Lifestyle, Art & Design – Indiaartndesign.com from Mumbai, India, is proud to announce its association with Designersblock, an established exhibitor at London Design Festival 2013 to co-host a pavilion for artists and designers from India.

‘India Pavilion’ at the London Design Festival 2013
Pressure Cooker Coffee Maker

Drawing from our cultural roots and methodologies, the National Innovation Foundation – India, makes an international presence with Mitticool earthenware – refrigerator and pans by Mansukhbhai Prajapati, a traditional clay craftsman from Rajkot, and Champaran-based Mohammad Rozadeen’s pressure cooker coffee-maker, which is based on the simple principle of harnessing steam from the pressure cooker.

‘India Pavilion’ at the London Design Festival 2013
Krishna by Eknath Giram

A group of fine artists from Pradarshak, the smallest known gallery of contemporary art in India, make their debut amid the large international turnout, showcasing a few of their choice paintings.

‘India Pavilion’ at the London Design Festival 2013
Scaled Model of Folding Chair by Lalit Hira

Complementing this scenario are a few furniture designers, whose strength is ‘seating solutions’ with each one distinct from the other.

‘India Pavilion’ at the London Design Festival 2013
Mi-Cycle by Asad Firdosy

This group of 12 participants bring with them the ethos of the exemplar Indian spirit of standing up to the world with their ubiquitous creative streak.

‘India Pavilion’ at the London Design Festival 2013
India Pavilion Event Logo

Being hosted at the renowned Southbank Centre from Sept.18 to Sept.22, 2013 as part of the London Design Festival 2013, theexhibition is only the first attempt of India Art n Design ezine towards showcasing upcoming Indian designers in the international arena. The promoters aim to foster such endeavours spreading the essence of Indian Art & Design.

The countdown has well and truly begun and the excitement is mounting. From now until the end of the Festival, we will be bringing you special coverage of the India Pavilion on our Facebook events page  https://www.facebook.com/events/173727956148520/ Stay tuned. 

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