Friday, September 20, 2013

‘Chair’ man of Design

IAnD Exclusive

By Udita Chaturvedi
Photography: courtesy Asad Firdosy Design

Furniture designer Asad Firdosy
Banana Chair

Furniture designing did not happen by chance for Asad Firdosy. His ancestors were great furniture artists and Asad spent his childhood making wooden toys for himself.

In 2012, leading English daily called him “The Chairman” for his concept chair designs that are an amalgamation of creative thought and daily routine.

Furniture designer Asad Firdosy
Palm Stool

A qualified architect, Firdosy set up his design studio in 1994 and has since earned immense plaudits for design, finish, comfort, aesthetics and durability.

Furniture designer Asad Firdosy
'Bharatnatyam' chair

'Bharatnatyam' chair is one of his most interesting and mesmerizing pieces of artworks. Crafted in solid wood and wrapped in a beautiful silk costume, the chair “depicts the beauty of the attire and the expressive poses" of an Indian classical dancer.

Furniture designer Asad Firdosy
Autumn leaf Chair

Leaves hold his fascination. Inspired by the Ashoka tree, Asad’s 'Leaf chair’ is a concept chair that resembles two intersecting leaves as the seat and back of the chair. To give it a more natural texture, he has used indigenous teak wood and dyed it green.

Furniture designer Asad Firdosy
Game Lounge

‘The autumn leaf’ is another meticulously handcrafted piece, which guarantees comfort. As the name suggests, the seating sculpture is inspired by the dried and fallen leaves of autumn.
Furniture designer Asad Firdosy

Asad's designs have revived the teak legacy and are a reflection of his inherent talent, originality of thought, and creativity retaining traditional ancestral values, quality and purity of its style. Like is observed in the asymmetric chair’ - a beautiful attempt to unite the colonial and the art & craft. The abstract and unconventional design of the chair defies symmetry, “yet gives it a sense of completeness and comfort”.

Furniture designer Asad Firdosy

A man who thinks out-of-the-box, Asad extends his repertoire to designing the 'Mi-cycle' — an eco-friendly mode of transportation — to grab the attention of the youth in this age of motorization and modernization. 

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