Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Indian Designers at Salone 2013

By Marina Correa
Photography: Courtesy the designers

International design platform - Salone Satellite, Milan 2013
This year, furniture artist, light consultant and interior designer Komal Vasa; and furniture and product designer Rohit Kumar are the only two promising Indians showcasing their exhibits at the prestigious 15th Salone Satellite exhibition, to be held in Milan from 9th April instant. 

While Komal Vasa depicts a clear influence of traditional architectural leanings, Rohit Kumar uses a combination of different materials put to use together to create something unique yet simple at first go but complex in the way they are designed.

Komal Vasa's Light installation at Salone 2013

Komal Vasa's Light installation at Salone 2013

Komal showcases two exhibits – the Mandala and Mansara. The Mandala (meaning circle in Sanskrit) is a light installation resembling a gigantic closed jar and defines the significance of a balance between a man’s outer world (macrocosm) and his inner world (microcosm). Inspired by this thought process, she explores the territories of photography, optics and light by attempting to capture outside images and allow them to diminish towards the centre; thus allowing light to radiate out around the subject like a halo, while creating a balance between the outside and inside and thereby the experience of one. Functional materials such as wood, mirror and stretch fabric make up the Mandala. 

Komal Vasa's sculpture cum cabinet at Salone 2013

Komal Vasa's sculpture cum cabinet at Salone 2013

The Mansara is a laser-cut metal, slumped glass and wooden cage installation cum cabinet that looks like a non-linear opaque box and creates a poetic dialogue between the inhabitant and onlooker orchestrated by marrying art with design. Within the inner realm, the rhythm of a bird is captured in a plastic expression central to the piece.

Rohit Kumar's Hive-Jacked lounge chair at Salone 2013
Hive-Jacked lounge chair

Rohit’s Hive-Jacked lounge chair is an intriguing juxtaposition of hard Steel with Polypropylene sheets sandwiched with soft Felt on both sides and stitched together to form a hexagon. This bee-hive structured top can be compressed or decompressed as needed. The Steel base is made of laser-cut steel sheet welded with pipes and powder coated for finish. 

Rohit Kumar's Study Table at Salone 2013

His next product, a classy and colourful study table christened Chatoyant has plenty of components and compartments. Usage of bright colours at spaces visible and concealed as well as simple elements like wood, glass, leather and steel make this an engaging and attractive unit. 

The end result of the duo’s efforts live up to the old adage: Talent takes you places!

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  1. The big classic, Salone Milano, will be a crucial place to be for young designers.
    The international attention you get as a designer should never be underestimated.
    Big problem remains to filtre and define the contacts you get. What is your main purpose as a designer at Milano, finding producer, distributor or just getting into the picture of the big pro public. Anyway The Salone is worth participating. Good luck and who knows I come to visit you......in response to IAnD's discussion thread - "How can a professional benefit optimally from an international exposure?"


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