Friday, April 5, 2013

No axe; only knacks!

By Nikita Peer
Photography: Courtesy the designers

Uttara & Adwait's reclaimed furniture
Reclaimed antique wood furniture
“Wood speaks to me!” beams furniture designer Adwait Kher as he talks about his musings with natural grains, thumb joints, and nuances of old world charm in his no-screws, nails or glue - brand of furniture…

Designer duo Uttara and Adwait’s style is erratic furniture pieces with non-defined contours. Surprisingly, they do not struggle to give it a form; the wood ‘talks’ to them and they connect, exploring its form and beauty. They claim that they have never cut a branch for making their furniture. The teak wood is sourced from old homes across Kashmir, Kanyakumari, Kutch...
Uttara & Adwait's furniture
Table cum Lily pond

The latest edition in their awe inspiring kitty is a room divider, which appears like a large jharokha.  Also currently working on picture and mirror frames, the designers ensure that they retain nature’s inherent artistry of wood grain, colour, form and imperfections. “Wood governs what we should do with it rather than the other way around,” says Adwait.

Uttara & Adwait's furniture
Natural contours meet mechanised options

The best part is that you can have only one such piece. The designers make predominantly deckle-edged furniture that is 100% eco-friendly and uses 'tongue-socket' method of wood-joinery instead of regular nails and screws. They also use duck tail joints, thumb joints and butterfly joints reminiscent of tool-making techniques of ancient Indians.

Uttara & Adwait's furniture
Various components create a Jharokha-style room divider

Antique Furniture’ in India is generally interpreted as replications of the Rajasthani or Kashmiri styles of furniture, well known for their ornate trimmings and rich teak and rose wood. However, Kher’s furniture pieces use reclaimed antique teakwood, forged iron and stone elements retrieved from Havelis all over the country, to create unique, eclectic furniture, accents and accessories that are hand-crafted with a clear hint of the contemporary, making for a style that appeals to the masses. Handcrafted contemporary fusion is the best way to describe their design.  
Uttara & Adwait's furniture
Log Bench

With immense appreciation in the west, their brand has been a popular choice among Europeans and has fast caught on with well-travelled Indians as well, who tend to open up to various choices when they see it adapted in the west. “It’s like yoga coming back from the west,” says Adwait.  

Uttara & Adwait's Furniture
Accents & Accessorizing Elements

Uttara & Adwait's Furniture
Accents & Accessorizing Elements
Uttara & Adwait furniture designers
Uttara & Adwait Kher

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