Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Time & Space

Ezine Special

Text & Illustrations: Ar. K. R. Jaisim

There have been a zillion sunrises and yet each one is as astounding as the one before and after. It is not the material content or the structural fantasies that make great spaces. It is something more…

Time is the measure and content of architectural space. Space exists. To define that space one must have content, and to have content one must have a structure. And this structure and the space it defines must have quantum.

Architecture as a built environment demands and desires this space.


To look beyond today and visualize a scenario in the future, which the built spaces have to engage, the architect (the visionary) must do this with all the restrictions that exist in the present, influence the way the design is translated and transformed into reality.

I firmly believe that nature holds the biggest example. To learn from it and excel would be the challenge every designer faces. The tree has existed and will continue to exist in its myriad forms to amaze with wonder anyone even remotely interested; it is nature.


It is the spirit of the un-built, the spaces that define – that is what makes the difference.

These spaces create architecture. The human mind has barely scratched the surface of this discovery.

Now, it is evident that imagination has no limits. Limitations are only limited by the potential of the individual. As new inventions, innovations fuse with imagination, the measure and content of the built environment will continually evolve and surpass the past and present.

Man has always dreamed of looking up and sometimes below. To me, the greater challenge is to venture below the surface to the entrails of our own earth. There is internal sun (the central core, magna) energy limitless. Imagine living in this space that can sustain as long as the earth is part of the known universe?!


It is evident that from a depth of 8 meters to about 100 meters below the surface, the atmosphere has a comfort zone that can sustain a healthy human habitat. These underground cities can be a labyrinth of interconnected spaces for all aspects of human activity.    The cave in a way is symbolic of the womb, which is the source of all life. These habitations will also extend into the depth of the seas to give that touch of excitement.

Alongside this concept comes an alternative, i.e., to build in the immensity of space. These habitations will be tethered to the earth like ships moored or anchored off shore, but in the skies. These will enable unhindered the interplanetary explorations, while keeping a constant tie with mother earth.


Life, liberty, freedom and choice are fundamentals to be preserved and persevered – to be expressed as timeless architecture through inspired innovation with ingenuity and imagination. That is man and his timeless habitat.


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  1. The harmonious interaction between nature and the built enviroment was always top priority amongst the ancient civilisations when planning their infrastructure. A fine example is the Inca civilizations stepped farming terraces which were built with great exactness and science, and are still largely intact even some 600 years later. Similiar systems have been adopted by many modern farming communities.
    The post industrial revolution period has unfortunately seen the reverse philosophy, where the natural elements are literally bulldozed into providing services for buildings and their occupants.
    Our built enviroment councils over the last two decades have stated to realise their follies. In order for man and his buildings to become timeless, the terms 'green' and 'sustainable' will have to be more then just buzzwords.
    In response to IAnD's discussion thread: What really constitutes the timeless habitat of man?

  2. Love your sketches of inside the mountain homes. I have many sketches, not so elegant, where I also ponder the ways to use the earth to conserve heat while still getting sufficient light inside the house. I love the idea of creating a rain umbrella that keeps a huge mass of earth heated from the summer's sun (well into winter) but the it is a lot of earth to move to build such a thing.

    Keep thinking.

    1. eco thermal spaces 30 feet plus below is worth every step

  3. To answer the root question: What really constitutes the timeless habitat of man? I would answer: those that are based in sympathy and harmony with natural forces, i.e., climate and landform responsive. I am afraid of what greed always does when it takes a noble idea and makes it secondary to profit of the individual versus society. The Incas are a great example, however that model has to be modified to be applied to cities with massive populations. I think some of the graphics included use those ideas. Any system should be able to be built over time and remain flexible to respond to the iterative "lessons learned" process.

  4. Inspirations lead to Imagination and provoke innovation and inventiveness. All these provoke Intelligence and Mankind THINKS and LIFE LIVES


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