Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Valentine dinner for two…

By Pari Syal

It is that time of the year when you play on the little nothings to keep the romance alive. Valentine’s Day is round the corner and before it takes you by surprise, here is what you can do for your cherished mate…

Life needs a little perking up ever so often. If eating out is one the first options on your list of enjoyment and romance, forget it. Get moving and get dreamy. Here’s how:

·         What kind of a coffee table do you have? All wood, wooden frame with a glass top, a wrought iron beauty, or a marvel in bent glass?? Well, create the ambience first.
·         Create the look and the feel. Move the table to your most favoured or most appropriate place at home if you need to.
·         Your next focus is the table setting. Get yourself a beautiful clear glass bowl – shallow – and fill it up with carnations! Roses are never passé, but be a trifle innovative!

Image Source: bristolwood.net
·         Pick out those lovely pieces of crystal crockery that you’ve stored away inside and dress the table with appropriate table linen and accessories. Rekindle the embers of passion with a beautiful table arrangement that will fire the romance and warm the heart!!

Image Source: henriettas-house.blogspot.com
·         Choose the perfect lighting: candle light in a glass holder or perhaps the uplighter in the corner of the room, or how about that soft glow just inside the display cabinet? Whatever you choose; remember, the mood should be soft and the glow warm. Forget seeing by that light. You aren’t taking these pains to eat after all, or are you?

Image Source: deviantart.com
·         But of course, you have to have that growling stomach appeased. Prepare the most exotic meal you know of (but one that will keep you out of the kitchen for the most part, and have both of you bring the meal to the table for the rest) – don’t take chances at this stage – you just cannot risk even the minutest disaster. After all, you want him to enjoy the meal and - you!!

P.S.: Remember to greet him at the door in your most stunning outfit (make sure its apt for the occasion). So stunning that you whisk him right off to …. before you let him in on the surprise of this special romantic meal that will not only banish your customary dinners and washing chores but add a dash of that exotic spice called ‘love’ to the brimming palette of your life!

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