Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Enigma of Passion

By Lalit Hira

Scene from Antigone ; Image  Source: The Hindu
Apart from theatre and films, he had a keen interest in all arts and wanted to initiate people into appreciating art. He once wrote, ‘Samajhne ki koshish matt kijiye, ras lijiye’ (Do not try to understand the arts, just experience them), remembers veteran theatre artiste Utkarsh Mazumdar. “This ‘enfant terrible’ of Indian theatre loved to experiment and was never at ease with a stereotype presentation of a play.”

Some people one may never want to forget. How difficult is it to write about an individual one never knew in person? Contrarily, can we really understand a person even if we spend a lifetime together?
Scene from Pratibimb ; Image Source: Mid-Day
It feels somewhat strange to be penning my thoughts about a person I have appreciated all my life; watched from a distance, admired his works from various angles, bumped into him even; but never really got an opportunity to talk to him, although I desperately wanted to; but, frankly even if I had been introduced to him, I would have never known what to say to him. 

Scene from  Hayavadana ; Image Source: Mid-Day
Because in my mind, I always wondered whether he was an artist or a designer perhaps?  His was a flow of creativity that edged out the chaff from the grain and focussed on the finer aspects of that single grain in a manner that called attention to its existence per se. It was his abstractionism that fascinated me the most. Perhaps a freedom that I have seen artists enjoy and that I envy as a designer.

Image Source: Dvdblurayreviews.com

I guess the stage was as much his second home, as it was his first love and his baby; as his profession was not just his passion but a part of his every breath, he seemed so deep an individual... like is said, “one cannot measure the depth of the ocean nor uncover the stretch of the horizon”. In reality the world knew of him as a renowned director, actor and playwright, a strong personality from the Indian performing arts fraternity – celebrated genius Pandit Satyadev Dubeyji.

Receiving Padma Bhushan from President Pratibha Patil
in 2011 ; Image Source: PTI News
To me, his style of storytelling was just so unusual, and always in context with ‘today’, as if silently proclaiming that this man’s mind was revolving with the speed of time. As Mazumdar reiterates, “A minimalist, he laid emphasis on words and performance. Girish Karnad’s Hayavadan directed by him, is an apt example of his style. This play received rave reviews. One reviewer even said that it was a colourful production; and that when the play had only a black curtain as a backdrop and simple lighting design to illuminate performing areas. Such was the impact of Satyadev’s direction.”

Scene from Aadhe Adhure ; Image Source: pravingunjan.blogspot.com  
As always, standing one among many in the audience, I participate in the sharing of my last applause for this individual, whom I now will never know more of than the picture that I have in my mind.   

Late Shri Pandit Satyadev Dubeyji ; Image Source: IBN Live
Scene from Khuda Ke Liye Mat Dekhna ; Image Source: Mid-Day


  1. When it comes to innovation, passion is certainly very important and it can be even argued that it is critical to success. Innovation is heavy lifting to produce a truly successful product.
    Passion means a high level of engagement. When engaged, we tend to be able to tap into our very best abilities, including higher levels of creativity and resourcefulness.
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  2. Well said Richard. I have often experienced passion as the innate driving force whether for an innovation or in any creative exercise. It is indeed instrumental in determining the success ratio of a project/product whatever.
    By Lalit Hira on linkedin Group:Innovation People Expert Innovators Creative Network.


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