Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Dhara | Mini Web Series| Ep.8| Motivational Moments with Prof. Jaisim Krishna Rao

"ArJaisim Dhara EP8 Indiaartndesign"

Founder and Principal Architect, Jaisim - Fountainhead, Prof. Jaisim Krishna Rao considers these unprecedented times to be a prelude to the onset of a new revolution - in the centre of which will be the profession of architecture. 

He reminisces the changes that the world wars brought with them. He muses that this bio-war will be no different. 

Prof. Jaisim believes that with architects being a creative, imaginative tool in this revolution of humankind, will be instrumental in calling out a change of approach. Their senses will awaken to various elements that will intermingle, interconnect, and change the built environment… in a decade, less than a decade… but this is the first step… 

Imagination, he says, will reach heights that the architecture fraternity has never known before. Being the only purely abstract profession, it will rise to the occasion to build anew.  

Presenting an incredibly positive outlook, Prof. Jaisim calls out this time for change. 

Team IndiaArtnDesign concludes this mini web series on this note of hope, renewed optimism, and resurgence of inner strength.

Dhara - flow: uninterrupted... consistent...empowering. A word whose meaning transforms with different inflections on different letters. Yet, it's underlying essence conveys the most potent essence known to mankind - strength of purpose.

At IndiaArtnDesign, our various artists, architects and designers have come together in this series titled 'Dhara' to share with you their motivational messages in these unprecedented times.

Thank you, Prof. Jaisim for sharing your musings with us. 
Thank you, Ms. Shruti for coordinating.

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