Friday, April 3, 2020

Sustainable fabric - the future of fashion!

By Isha Jain
Photography: Courtesy the designers
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"sustainable fabrics fashion maga nool runawaybicycle doodlage indiaartndesign"
l-r: Fashion Labels: Doodlage| Runaway Bicycle| Maga| Nool|

With a growing consciousness among fashion designers and fashionistas, ‘sustainability’ and ‘eco-friendly’ are no longer just trendy buzzwords, but matter-of-fact ensembles in ready-to-wear collections… 

Conventional cotton is fast taking a back seat, as organic cotton vies for attention with Pineapple leather (also known as Pinatex) and a host of other sustainable textiles – fabric woven from banana peel, lab-grown silk, clothing permeated with herbs and oils, and the like. With several brands globally calling for a change, many of our Indian fashion labels too are reincarnating their roots by relying on locally procured materials.

"sustainable fabrics fashion maga indiaartndesign"
Fashion Label: Maga
"sustainable fabrics fashion maga indiaartndesign"
Fashion Label: Maga

Noida-based fashion startup Maga is committed to producing 100% recyclable fabric using dyes extracted from grass, onion skin and coffee and tea leftovers. They also take complete responsibility to upcycle leftover unused fabrics from factories. A focus on glamorous and modern designs using materials such as cotton viscose, organic cotton, virgin flax fabric and mesh net is their way forward to creating sustainable fashion choices that evoke an expression of freedom that their consumers wear as an identity and not just a piece of clothing. 

"sustainable fabrics fashion doodlage indiaartndesign"
Fashion Label: Doodlage
"sustainable fabrics fashion doodlage indiaartndesign"
Fashion Label: Doodlage

Another such Delhi-based label, Doodlage uses raw materials directly from factory wastes. Every now and then, Doodlage focuses on bringing innovation to conventional cotton and polyester with almost all their collections made of recycled cotton polyester, corn, eucalyptus and banana fabrics. Minimalism and elegance define their signature for every millennial need.

"sustainable fabrics fashion runawaybicycle indiaartndesign"
Fashion Label: Runaway Bicycle

Fashion label Runaway Bicycle’s bespoke creations are born out of a stubborn penchant for the lightness of the fabrics coupled with a design aesthetic that values comfort over form. For them, sustainability means being connected to their roots and this concept is linked to their products, which are the skilled results of traditional craftsmen and dyers across India. 

"sustainable fabrics fashion nool indiaartndesign"
Fashion Label: Nool

These and many more labels are not just catering to the needs of conscious consumers but are also working towards creating awareness amongst those who are yet to get familiar with sustainable fabrics. Adding a deep meaningfulness to a way of life, sustainable fashion does not compromise on the look and feel. From dobby to jacquard patterns, from block to batik and digital prints and traditional embroidery, these fabrics offer both – a responsible giving back to society, and uniqueness to their consumers.

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  1. This is incredible. AMAZING collection. Doesn't look like it's made of factory waste.
    Kudos to the designer.


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