Friday, October 18, 2019

This Diwali, decorate with auspicious hues of saffron!

Ideas for a bright & beautiful home!

Pre-Diwali Special 2019

By Chirag Sharma
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"saffron hues indiaartndesign"

Oranges and yellows are hues of saffron that perk up your interiors, bringing in positive vibes, creating festive and cheerful environs...

I once heard someone explain, “Colour is a free energy lift! It tickles, delights and motivates us. Our attraction to colour is an energy boost that feeds and fuels us”.   

"colourful chic interiors indiaartndesign"

A thumb-rule that is always handy is that colour can be used to adjust the visual perception of an overall space, and the perceived size of a room.  Once you set your heart on bright happy oranges and vivacious yellows, remember they come with the absolute freedom of using any other colour as a contrast. So, get set and fill your spaces with happy tidings.

"yellow kitchen indiaartndesign"
"yellow bathroom with orange coloured accents indiaartndesign"
"yellow themed bedroom indiaartndesign"

Yellow is the colour that the eye sees the fastest. Soft yellows can be cheering; whilst bright yellows command authority. Generally used as accents that attract attention and contribute to brighten a room, yellows in all their hues tend to merge easily with soft greens, umbers, peaches and grays to effect an understated style statement. Yellow is considered to be the ‘in’ colour for a dining room and kitchen.

"orange sofa indiaartndesign"
"orange coloured theme bedroom indiaartndesign"

Orange is an upbeat hue that combines the passion and power of red with the exuberance of yellow. It can be stimulating in its pumpkin orange hue or warm in its terracotta and peach version. An ideal colour for attracting attention to details or to create a stimulating vibe, you can use it to highlight the most significant aspects of your design. Symbolic of strength and endurance, orange is a hue that can grace almost any surface – from the floor rug, to the upholstery, wallpaper, to the entire ceiling!

"yellow chairs indiaartndesign"

Caution: When used in large amounts, yellow can be over-stimulating; and as with other intense colours, orange can be distracting.

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