Thursday, October 31, 2019

A work space that celebrates the employee!

By Ar. Vinita Wagh
Photography: Prashant Bhat; courtesy the designers
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"Bosch HQ Studio N cube indiaartdesign"

NCUBE designs the Bosch Headquarters in Pune, expertly balancing functionality and whimsy via a medley of colours, textures, materials, graphics and furniture…

The design of this 762 sq. m. contemporary workspace draws inspiration from the socio-cultural context of the city, finding its place between the old and new worlds of Pune - the historically rich architecture and culture on the one hand, and progressive tech hubs on the other. The company called for a design approach that echoes its values – spaces that stimulate enthusiasm, collaboration and productivity to offer a humbling user experience.

"reception Bosch HQ Studio N cube indiaartdesign"
"reception lobby Bosch HQ Studio N cube indiaartdesign"
"work stations reception Bosch HQ Studio N cube indiaartdesign"
"green wall Bosch HQ Studio N cube indiaartdesign"

With a focus on segregation of function and circulation, a strong visual axis forms the crux of the layout that sets out its work pool in a linear open plan along its periphery, drawing in plenty of natural light. The spatial design utilises existing columns to incorporate a sense of separation between workstations while the use of ‘jaalis’, a traditional Indian element, camouflaging the columns and generally across the office allows for diffused light, safeguarding privacy. 

"meeting rooms Bosch HQ Studio N cube indiaartdesign"
"conference room Bosch HQ Studio N cube indiaartdesign"
"colourful interiors Bosch HQ Studio N cube indiaartdesign"
"amphitheatre Bosch HQ Studio N cube indiaartdesign"

The colourful baffle ceiling, a visual highlight, plays a dual role – it symbolises the colourful festivals of the city and resolves acoustic problems. The recreational zones, the cafeteria and the amphitheatre that interestingly offers a casual mixed seating, manifest the social heart that resonates positivity and fosters interaction for larger team building.  

"cafeteria Bosch HQ Studio N cube indiaartdesign"
"quirky furniture Bosch HQ Studio N cube indiaartdesign"

Recreated out of automobiles, the quirky furniture makes an industrial statement, reflective of the company’s ethos and domain of specialisation and yet fostering a sense of belonging. The strong use of colour along the walls, ceiling and in the furniture ensures a vibrant, vivacious vibe. The incorporation of the natural world into this modern environment enhances user experience and comfort and softens the space to lower stress levels. 

"layout Bosch HQ Studio N cube indiaartdesign"

Infusing a strong regional essence through design, NCUBE takes cognisance of the dynamics of an MNC to present a workspace that celebrates the employee.

Fact File:
Client: Bosch, India
Design Firm: NCUBE Planning and Design Pvt. Ltd.
Principal Designer/Architect: Saurabh Karhade
Design Team: Zeeshan Shaikh, Charuta Deshpande, Vikrant Parkar, John Cherian.
Built-up Area: 10250 sq. ft. / 952 sq. m.
Carpet Area: 8200 sq. ft /762 sq. m
Location: Koregaon Park, Pune

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