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Looking to mix patterns? Here are 5 home décor trends to guide you.

Ideas for a bright & beautiful home!

Pre-Diwali Special 2019

By Team IAnD
Photography: Courtesy World Wide Web; IAnD archives
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Do you often wonder how some décors flaunt a plethora of patterns with aplomb?! The ‘prints and patterns’ or the ‘mixed patterns’ trend has made arresting decor vistas since ages.  IAnD decodes the trend for you…

Of late you must have noticed how you don’t really need to worry about what you wear if you wear it with dollops of confidence and endorse your individualistic style.  A notable trend is the pairing of heavy prints and the unlikeliest of colours - that was once considered a fashion faux-pas. 

photo-credit: albert hadley

Like the many fashion trends that often spill into our interiors, the prints-and-patterns trend too has found its way into dressing our spaces. In a way, this effortless mix of patterns and colours is a revival of a very distinct style propagated in the late 1980s through the early 1990s by the late Albert Hadley, a preeminent American interior designer best known for his eclectic premeditated style of design. 

Team IAnD picks out 5 perky variants of the trend:

photo credit: ipolitto-fleitz-group
i me myself trend shabnam gupta indiaartndesign"
photo credit: shabnam-gupta

The I-me-myself trend: Patterns mixed to augment an eclectic ‘this is me’ look are on the rise. You don’t have to worry about matching colours or textures or prints. Go Bohemian with what you like and spearhead a new aura in your personal spaces. Dare to be different.

"Shivan and Narresh interiors indiaartndesign"
photo credit: shivan-and-narresh
"work area Varandas Mezzanine Architects indiaartndesign"
photo credit: varandas-mezzanine-architects
"accents trend shabnam gupta indiaartndesign"
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     photo credit: shabnam-gupta

The accents trend: Playing on the visual arrest principle, juxtapose soft with prominent applications. For example, if your wallpaper or sofa or bedcover prominently shows off a bold floral print, pick out some colour accents and match the hues in smaller accessories like table runners, throws, a vase perhaps… again pay attention to the hue but the patterns could be anything at all!

"living area BFDO Architects indiaartndesign"
photo-credit: BFDO architects
"living room hyderabad residence moriq architects indiaartndesign"
photo credit: moriq-architects

The fail-safe trend: Combine unusual hues but from the same family – peach, rose-pink, a touch of fuschia elegantly paired with may be just one equally subtle contrasting tint, carefully working around a focal point. Since this is the tried -and-trusted method, no matter what you do, it will stand out with aplomb!

"tonal variations trend indiaartndesign"
photo credit: ideal homes
"pattern colour play home decor indiaartndesign"

"passage rushikonda residence vinita & sid interiors indiaartndesign"
photo credit: vinita & sid interiors

The adorable textures trend: If vibrant, in-your-face prints are not your cup of tea, you can still jump on the pattern-on-pattern bandwagon by mixing and matching an assortment of textures in neutral hues or by opting for tonal variations of a single hue; for example, tones of copper, gold, beige, burnt sienna... 

"dining room maisonette ipolitto fleitz indiaartndesign"
photo credit: ipolitto-fleitz-group
"mirrors maisonette ipolitto fleitz indiaartndesign"
photo credit: ipolitto-fleitz-group
"interesting use of wood Arqmov Workshop indiaartndesign"
photo credit: arqov workshop

The exaggeration-is-key trend: Scale becomes the focal aspect here as you play with forms – big vs. small, bold vs. subtle; playing on an over-the-top version of any one element. It is best to vary size and shape to sustain visual interest.  

Bottom-line: Follow your instincts. Never really cue in on advice as is. Bring in your personal style; strike your own oomph factor!

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