Friday, August 23, 2019

Recalling mental health to the forefront of workplace design

By Ar. Vinita Wagh
Photography: The Fishy Project Ishita Sitwala; courtesy the architects
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“Office surat neogenesis+studio261 indiaartndesign”

Neogenesis+Studi0261 designs an office space in Surat that embodies mental wellbeing, catalysed by natural elements, earthy materials and passive strategies.

It is no secret that psychologically healthy workspaces foster efficiency and improve employee satisfaction levels. The physical design of an office environment continually dictates the spirit that the space exudes. 

This 1800 sq. ft. office space for a developer cultivates a work environment that is born out of a simplistic brief – an unassuming yet distinctive space that encompasses the outdoors and champions the indispensability of natural light through the day. Aesthetics that please and spaces that are formal and earnest - these attributes form the indomitable nucleus of the design. 

“reception office surat neogenesis+studio261 indiaartndesign”
“reception lobby office surat neogenesis+studio261 indiaartndesign”
"lounge office surat neogenesis+studio261 indiaartndesign”

Showcasing sincerity in the implementation of building materials and the gracious use of landscape elements in their natural forms, the office adopts minimalistic interiors. The spatial planning revolves around detailed pocket areas, accommodating the activities of different users. 

Tucked in behind the reception is a balcony, along the eastern fa├žade of the building, bringing in sunlight, looking over a scenic view and adding an unconventional quirk to the office.

“different areas office surat neogenesis+studio261 indiaartndesign”
“open plan office surat neogenesis+studio261 indiaartndesign”
“overview office surat neogenesis+studio261 indiaartndesign”
“zig zag wall office surat neogenesis+studio261 indiaartndesign”

The wooden entrance lounge made of Valsadi teakwood, in stark contrast to the white-painted walls, stands out to create a visual frame. With each piece of wood uniquely shaped and laid to achieve a variant pattern, this space easily becomes the highlight of the project. 

Another key feature is the zig-zag brick wall that breaks the monotony and simplistic vibe of the rooms. This non-structural wall brackets together aluminium box sections, cement sheets and brick tiles. 

“natural light office surat neogenesis+studio261 indiaartndesign”
Courtesy of the location, a thicket of trees encloses the office space, and openings on the north eastern facade allow daylight and ventilation to flow through and energise the interiors. An unfussy approach – functional, practical and yet warm and expressive, spearheads the fact that the office has the capacity to evoke serenity.

Fact File: 
Design Firm: Neogenesis + studi0261
Principal Designers/Architects: Ar. Jigar Asarawala, Ar. Chinmay Laiwala, & Ar. Tarika Asarawala 
Carpet Area of project: 1,800 sq. ft.
Location: Surat


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