Friday, April 5, 2019

Emulating the Portuguese love of life – right here, right now!

Complied by: Marina Correa
Photography: Studio Kunal Bhatia; courtesy Studio Osmosis
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"Barcelos restaurant Studio osmosis indiaartndesign"

Studio Osmosis designs this vibrant eponymous restaurant in Navi Mumbai, celebrating the culturally rich and dynamic town of Barcelos in Portugal… 

Located in a business hub in Navi Mumbai, surrounded by many upcoming restaurants, Barcelos caters to a wide palette:  a space where one can relax with colleagues, hang out with friends for a spirited conversation or even perhaps a little flirtation…
"pergola ceiling outdoors Barcelos restaurant Studio osmosis indiaartndesign"
"alfresco area Barcelos restaurant Studio osmosis indiaartndesign"
"casual seating Barcelos restaurant Studio osmosis indiaartndesign"
"bar Barcelos restaurant Studio osmosis indiaartndesign"

The space not only captures the visual and tangible elements of Portugal, but also intangibles like a lively and festive experience, cutting off the industrial vibe of the interior by inculcating patterns and pops of colour that break monotony and add zing to the atmosphere. 

Different zones are culled out - the overall colour and material palette reminiscent of the streets of Barcelos. Rustic material finishes are offset with contrasting, zesty colours and patterns, evoking the essence of the town. 

"chairs seating Barcelos restaurant Studio osmosis indiaartndesign"
"seating Barcelos restaurant Studio osmosis indiaartndesign"

Even before entering the restaurant, the striking red, green, orange and blue stained-glass facade grabs attention.  A refreshing al fresco area welcomes you with a pergola ceiling adorned with fairy lights and hanging plants, complemented by colourful outdoor furniture and a window-bar counter that intrigues you with a glimpse of the sprightly interiors.

Indoors, a warm and energetic schematic of brown, ochre and olive green with bright splashes of red and ochre in the soft furnishings greets you with options of community seating, booth seating and the bar suggesting a casual, youthful vibe that is balanced with other formal seating around the restaurant. Columns and walls clad in green subway tiles mimic the grids of the facade and naturally blend in.

"sofas seating Barcelos restaurant Studio osmosis indiaartndesign"
"wooden flooring Barcelos restaurant Studio osmosis indiaartndesign"
"stain glass Barcelos restaurant Studio osmosis indiaartndesign"

A rustic and industrial blend of furniture and accessories define the design language. For example, cane-backed chairs, different wooden chairs, a bookshelf, vintage-styled mirror, patterned-tile table inlays and iconic blue Portuguese pottery patterns on suspended light pendants lend oodles of character.   

At the heart of the restaurant lies a community table, whilst a live kitchen radiates pulsating energy to every corner; creating an engagement between chefs and their guests. The bar is highlighted with green tiles in a grid pattern - mimicking the coloured window pattern. Framed posters, graphics on walls, curios etc. effectively sustain the narrative and evoke curiosity about the origins of the brand making this a place to surely visit again. 

Fact File: 
Design firm: Studio Osmosis
Principal Designers/Architects: Sameer Balvally and Shilpa Jain Balvally
Carpet Area of project: 2,345 sq. ft.  (includes outdoor area) 
Location: Navi Mumbai

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