Saturday, August 25, 2018

The vibes of Vaastu Shastra

By Marina Correa
Photography: Murtaza Gandhi; courtesy the architects
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"bungalow bharuch chitte associates indiaartndesign"

A centrally-carved courtyard forms the fulcrum of this 3,500 sq. ft. bungalow, designed and built by Chitte Associates in strict adherence to Vaastu Shastra principles… 

The glass-covered, centrally planned courtyard is where the Brahmasthan (centre point of a structure sans any obstructions and well-lit from above according to Indian Vedic architecture principles) is designated. The flood of light from the skylight above permeates the sprawling interiors, whilst the courtyard visually connects to all other rooms. 

"entrance bungalow bharuch chitte associates indiaartndesign"
"dining bungalow bharuch chitte associates indiaartndesign"

Right from the main door which has etched and carved designs on it to the television panel with artefacts displayed within side niches; or the flower-on-the-wall mural above or butterfly decals near the dining area or even the green alcove just below the staircase and bamboo mural backdrop on the staircase or the white lattice screen in the kitchen …design elements pepper the entire two-level bungalow. 

Not to be left behind, various lighting options such as spot, backlit, cove, pendants, lamps etc. help create different ambiences at the click of a switch.  

"mandir bungalow bharuch chitte associates indiaartndesign"

The main entrance is flanked by a mandir (prayer room), which has an ornately carved traditional door. Taking the ethnicity further is a mix of Indian ethnic designs interwoven with classical furniture – all custom designed by the firm. Throughout, a palette of brown, cream and beige dominates - culling out a warm and homely feel, whilst splashes of colour are introduced viz. soft furnishing, artefacts and artworks. 

"foyer bungalow bharuch chitte associates indiaartndesign"
"skylight bungalow bharuch chitte associates indiaartndesign"
"social space bungalow bharuch chitte associates indiaartndesign"

A wooden and glass staircase leads to the first floor, where a tiny lobby sits over glass panel flooring that is perpendicular to the Brahmasthan coordinate – thus allowing an unobstructed pathway till the skylight. 

"facade bungalow bharuch chitte associates indiaartndesign"

Architecturally, since the road was 1.5-ft higher than the site, a 5-ft plinth was introduced to raise the bungalow. Spanish stones clad the elevations, while the remaining walls are finished in stone Crete plaster – lending a fusion look and enabling the home to stand out in the neighbourhood.

"bedroom bungalow bharuch chitte associates indiaartndesign"

As orientation of spaces, direction, placement etc. are vital components of Vaastu, the firm needed to harness maximum north light. This is solved by creating double-height windows on the north side and a double-height living space with a sloping roof having dormer windows to draw in maximum light. Thus, aligning the client’s requirements harmoniously with the outcome. 

Fact File:
Client: Hitesh Vavwala
Design firm: Chitte Associates
Principal Designer/Architect: Devendra Chitte and Parth Chitte
Built-up area of project: 3,500 sq. ft. 
Carpet area of project: 4,200 sq. ft. 
Location: Bharuch, Gujarat


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