Thursday, June 28, 2018

The evergreen brick!

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Photography: Bharat Aggarwal; courtesy the designer
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"bedrooms for twins knock on wood indiaartndesign"

Brick as the basic component of building construction has not only maintained its evergreen characteristics for decades, but every era proves that it will remain ageless. 

Designers at Knock on Wood have very literally proved this phenomenon in the Goel residence at Gurgaon, where a clever proportion of the ancient palette of natural materials viz., brick, wood, concrete and paint play a dramatic role in separating the identity of the occupants, who are twins. 

The most challenging aspect of the project was setting up the contrast between brick and wooden furniture. The colours are toned down to complement the brick, which has a strong presence of its own. The furniture is thus designed in raw wood to maintain the rustic consistency of exposed bricks. 

"bedroom in white and brick knock on wood indiaartndesign"
"bedroom in blue and white knock on wood indiaartndesign"
"console in white knock on wood indiaartndesign"

Chiselling an understated contrast, Kartik’s room uses vibrant blue accents adding a robust character as the rest of its interiors are drenched in white to make it look airy and spacious. Teak wood accents complete the picture here. 

"bedroom in grey and brick knock on wood indiaartndesign"
"corners bedroom in grey and brick knock on wood indiaartndesign"
"study table in in grey knock on wood indiaartndesign"
"swing seat in bedroom knock on wood indiaartndesign"

The dark relaxing grey hue in Kanika’s room is well complimented by the pop of colour that comes from the cheerful fabric used on the cushions and the swing seat. All vertical surfaces like the bed back and cabinet shutters are lacquered in grey, whilst all horizontal surfaces from the shelves to the platform of the bed are made from pine wood binding the room in the same visual aesthetic.

Both rooms appear devoid of clutter and spacious yet carry the personal signatures of their occupants. Spread across three floors, the same rustic vocabulary sustains the rest of the home, which consciously incorporates nature into its interior environs, with every bedroom opening out to a balcony. Whilst the open-plan layout hosts a cosy atrium, private spaces are relegated to the upper floors and public spaces occupy the lower level. 

Fact File:
Client: Shamika Goel
Design Firm: KnockOnWood
Principal Designer/Architect: Aarti Aggarwal
Programme: 2 bedrooms for twins
Location: Gurgaon

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