Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Duality in design!

By Marina Correa
Photography: Sai Deherkar; courtesy Mdeco
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"living room cum reception gautam shewa indiaartndesign"
A lawyer's home-cum-office (inset) Ar. Gautam Shewa

Leveraging a multi-functional approach, Ar. Gautam Shewa of Mdeco chisels out a convertible space that serves both, as an office and apartment in an eclectic Mumbai suburb…

When a single space acts as home and office, design becomes a vital differentiator.  Gautam ingeniously proves that multifunctionality can infuse the right ambience in a space, irrespective. 

Reflecting a duality of function, this space for a young lawyer exudes a warm and comfortable environment that would instantly put his clients at ease; also, uncompromisingly reflect the personal charm of his home and hearth.

"living and dining gautam shewa indiaartndesign"
"dining and bar gautam shewa indiaartndesign"

Employing versatility in every facet, the 2 BHK apartment has its living room serve as the office reception-cum-waiting by day and homely bar and recreational space by night; similarly, the study performs four functions: bedroom, yoga area, conference and mini home theatre. A folding bed and wheel-away table that tucks under a cantilevered wooden counter help in transforming the space. A large roll-up screen mounted at the wide windows is rolled down to provide a privy home theatre experience.

"bar and television gautam shewa indiaartndesign"
"library and reception gautam shewa indiaartndesign"

In the bedroom, a full-length mirror is used as one part of the wardrobe shutter, whilst a table can be pulled out from under the bed turning the tiny space, in front, into a dresser. In another instance, the reading table in the living can be wheeled next to the sofa (in the living room) changing the space into a reception-cum-waiting area. Interestingly, a bar cabinet is concealed behind the TV panel, but holds its own during an evening soiree; a side table (in the bedroom) can be dropped down to flatten out, when not in use - working as a space-saving idea. “Use of nuts, bolts and screw system throughout the project allows it to be completely dismantled and reinstalled in a new set-up without any breakage,” explains Gautam, highlighting the key design feature.

"bedroom gautam shewa indiaartndesign"
"bedroom2 gautam shewa indiaartndesign"

The ambience too is carefully crafted with a duality of purpose. Floor-to-ceiling windows leading to a balcony with clear glass railing brings greenery and the outdoors inside; while use of an earthy palette such as grey, ochre, white and brown coupled with ample natural daylight lends the space a serene and comfortable feel.

"multi tailored study gautam shewa indiaartndesign"

Carefully chosen materiality grounds the project with oodles of character: veneers impart a rich warm textured look; walls are left plain white with few areas highlighted in wallpaper. Lighting is treated with due diligence to create different moods – natural light, spots and indirect lighting plays a major role during the day, whilst LEDs, lamps, pendants and back-lit sources create an intimate mood. 

Finally, not only does the project fulfill the client’s requirements, but also provides a surfeit of multi-functionality by way of design, furniture and spaces given the tight volume - so endemic in a metropolis like Mumbai, where the cost of realty is sky-rocketing and apartment sizes shrinking. 

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