Monday, December 4, 2017

Black Magic!

By Shilpi Madan
Photography: Courtesy the designers
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"lina mane magical black fashion indiaartndesign"
©Lina Mane

Sexy, svelte, suave. Shape your own curves in classic black this party season and make the green worm turn in others! IAnD tells you how…

Of course, you wish to be the toast of the party from the moment you walk in. Create a flutter, own the fashion sweepstakes, wow the natives. Make your cut in a form-flattering ensemble in the raven hue to devise your personal style file.

"anavila blue black fashion indiaartndesign"

Fluid Forms
“Black creates an illusion of depth, disguising finer details within itself, so it appears to slim your form,” says fashion designer Anavila, whose recent collection 'Blur' circles the sooty hue. “Choose the right cut and fabric according to the occasion. A well-cut, meticulously-tailored sharp black garment makes for a formal affair. Bring in a spot of fluidity to add to the femininity and charm.”

"anavila coffee and black fashion indiaartndesign"

Perfect Pick
“In keeping with your skin tone, choose the right shade of black to set-off your complexion at an advantage,” says Anavila. “For example, women with porcelain skin tone can choose a blue-based black hue. If you have a complexion in medium cool tones, opt for charcoal. For olive skin tones, cafe noir works well as it brings in the colour of brewed dark coffee. For deeper skin tones, choose noir or jet black.”

"lina mane black fashion indiaartndesign"
©Lina Mane

Caution Call
Says fashion designer Lina Mane, “You must pair the right shades of black together so that they blend well and compose a pleasing appearance. Never over do. Though all black looks great in clothes, break the look with a splash of bright colour in a red lipstick or brilliant pumps.” For instance, an all-black ensemble with a touch of a deep-colour accessory makes for a strong statement, suggests Anavila.

"anavila shades of grey fashion indiaartndesign"
"chandni sahi black fashion indiaartndesign"
©Chandni Sahi

Toasting Textures
As winter wings in coolly, shun the cottons. “Instead, go for a handwoven linen in a heavier weave. Silk wool blends work great for winters,” says Anavila. “Based on textures and tones of the fabrics, you must get around to teaming and mixing well to get the right look,” adds Mane.

"sneha mehta kukoon magical black fashion indiaartndesign"
©Sneha Mehta

Edgy Essentials
Some inclusions in your wardrobe are a must. Like a pair of well-fitting black trousers. “I would pick a black blazer as a very important essential for both a man and a lady's wardobe,” says Mane. “My pick for men would be an all-black suit as it looks spiffy,” says Anavila. “For a woman, nothing beats a classic black saree.”

So, take your pick and shape your own showstopper in black this season!

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