Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Energizing the workplace

By Shrabana Das
Photography: Arun Bhat – Painted Stork; courtesy the architects
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"office interiors DSP indiaartndesign"
The office (inset) Ar. Mehul Shah

DSP Design Associates takes the unconventional workplace a few steps ahead, creating thematic zones that reflect Indianness in the core of their fabric…

Breaking away from the traditional office workspace, DSP Design Associates draws inspiration from local culture to create work zones and informal collaborative spaces for a leading international financial institution in Bengaluru. While the governing concept relies heavily on the Indian Courtyard and the Town Square, each informal space, carefully incorporated into the office areas, has a theme of its own, which constantly breaks the monotony of a standard office.
"office design DSP indiaartndesign"
"informal meeting booths DSP indiaartndesign"

With employee wellbeing and satisfaction at the helm of the project, this LEED Gold certified interior sports an integrated mix of work and leisure spaces, with the informal collaborative spaces being little havens of their own!
"nature theme DSP indiaartndesign"
"close to nature theme DSP indiaartndesign"
"varanasi ghats theme DSP indiaartndesign"

While one welcomes the person to the forest with its wooden theme and green ambience, getting as close to nature in a concrete edifice; another evokes spiritual hues through seating inspired from the ghats of Varanasi. 

"bollywood theme cafe DSP indiaartndesign"
"goa theme cafe DSP indiaartndesign"

The work cafe is a Bollywood time-warp designed like a studio decorated with movie trivia, vinyl records and even a restored Yezdi bike! Another workcafe, aptly called Morjim, welcomes you to Goa with its shacks, surfboards and a boat. The highlight is a subtle inclusion of quirk that adds a sense of intrigue to the ambience and ensures that there is never a dull moment for the employees.
"mughal theme DSP indiaartndesign"
"element of quirk office by DSP indiaartndesign"

The basic idea being to give the employee a flexi, feel-good environment that not only relaxes him but inspires him to greater accomplishments. With an interesting colour palette, materials and comfortable furniture selection, this is an office, which says: work, kick back and relax!

Fact File:
Client: Leading International Financial Institution
Architect: DSP Design Associates
Design Principal: Mehul Shah  
Design Team: Geetika Jain, Angela Menon
Area: 40,000 sq. ft
Location: Bengaluru

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