Saturday, September 16, 2017

Luxury amidst chaos!

By Marina Correa
Photography: Andre J Fanthome; courtesy the firm
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"gujral home DCA indiaartndesign"

Group DCA designs a plush 11,889  sq. ft multi-level residence far removed from its chaotic neighbourhood of Pusa Road, New Delhi…

Verticality of the three-level bungalow on stilts defines volume rather than the sprawling site on ground. Projecting balconies, extending roofs with wooden undersides, recessed full-height glass windows and a ‘green’ entrance makes for a dynamic landscaped composition.
"facade treatment gujral home DCA indiaartndesign"
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Built for a small family, the façade is contemporary as compared to its more classical interiors. Though the residence is a luxurious abode, it does not come across as over-the-top, showing off the firm’s capability in balancing flamboyance with modesty. For instance, the double-height family lounge is juxtaposed against casual furniture; plush drawing-dining area against a subdued colour palette; elaborate patterns on screens and railings against simple lines in the façade etc.
"living room gujral home DCA indiaartndesign"
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"dining room gujral home DCA indiaartndesign"

Furthermore, use of natural materials and textures like Brazilian wood and Portuguese limestone for the elevation allude to an understated style and warmth. Slatted rough-finished stone and stone mosaics on the boundary wall add character.
"bedroom gujral home DCA indiaartndesign"
"washrooms gujral home DCA indiaartndesign"

The highlights of the project are its landscaped courts along with terraces and balconies and the double-height family lounge that harnesses light and ventilation into the home. Free and easy movement along circulation paths and a dark Emperador-clad stairwell add on to the spacious and luxurious vibe.
"foyer gujral home DCA indiaartndesign"

The outdoor landscape becomes an extension of everyday living and opens up into a large gathering space for parties. The vast openness of the premises against the backdrop of greenery amidst the crowded city earns this three-level residence a unique luxury tag.

Fact File:
Client: Gujral & Sons
Design Firm: Group DCA
Principal Designer/Architect: Rahul Bansal and Amit Aurora
Area: 11,889 Sq.ft.     
Location: Karolbagh, New Delhi

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