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Home Fashion Trends 2017-18

Info & Images: Courtesy HGH-India
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"HGH India home fashion trends clay craft indiaartndesign"

Home fashion trends 2017-2018 predicted by HGH-India 2017 not only reflect our roots, but effectively pin our current lifestyle shifts, traversing into the future…

Conceptualized and implemented by the internationally renowned design office Sahm + Permantier for the just-concluded HGH India 2017, India`s trade-show for home textiles, home décor, houseware and gifts, the predicted trends at the trend pavilion, “Across times’ are derived through intense research on changing consumer values, lifestyle, evolving technology and attitudes.

The trend book released, thus helps manufacturers, brands, retailers and professionals in home business to connect their products and innovations to the aspirational Indian consumers through these trends. IAnD takes a look…

"HGH India home fashion trends tropical joy indiaartndesign"

Tropical Joy – an opulent nature

The beauty of diversity is best expressed in nature. The traditional floral design approach opens up and merges with opulent tropical patterns in supernatural colourations and as giant digital flower prints. In nature, surrounded by plants and flowers, we take rest and relax from the omnipresent stress and noisy life.

Research shows that if one experiences nature, even in the form of nature prints, it reduces stress and contributes to emotional and physical wellbeing. Our senses are constantly stimulated by the presence of plants. Recognizing the great potential of nature, all natural products are a part of this trend.

"HGH India home fashion trends ethnic treasure indiaartndesign"

Ethnic Treasure – a highly convenient ethnic chic

Ethnic designs are in focus all around the world as a unifying global trend. So, India as a country with strong creative traditions is actually on stage with its vast array of handicrafts from dyeing, weaving, quilting, printing to wood carvings, basketry craft and metal works. In a well created, warm Bohemian ambience, these Indian creations are in good company.

Décor plays a key role with textured wallpapers, pattern mix and wooden furniture and the interior ambience is complemented with cherished objects.

"HGH India home fashion trends classical trail indiaartndesign"
"HGH India home fashion trends wallpaper shroff indiaartndesign"

Classical Trail – a refined elegance

The classic interior is an expression of human desire for balance and harmony. In today’s modern lifestyle, the interpretation of the classical as we know it, has become somewhat subtle. A hint of nature is fused in through textures that reinvent the beauty of classical themes with sophistication. Geology is the source of inspiration here. Beautiful landscapes, curves on sand, rocks and mineral formations inspire the patterns of carpets, wallpapers and upholstery fabrics. New tangible sensations enrich the interiors.

"HGH India home fashion trends digital medley indiaartndesign"
"HGH India home fashion trends ragashree indiaartndesign"

Digital Medley – a futuristic satellite

Aesthetics of digital technologies open up a new cosmos for designers. Spending hours in front of a screen, we get used to all kinds of effects of the virtual world. Playfully, with fun and passion, new realities are discovered through virtual head sets and the computerized so-called ‘Smart Living’.

Digital Medley reflects the emotional experience of the union of visual and auditory senses, which we experience in our everyday life. Its essential urban appeal goes beyond the youth market into designs for all age groups.

"HGH India home fashion trends indiaartndesign"

The trends forecasted in ‘across time’ also available as a trends book, is not an abstract concept of future trends; but applicable designs and colours that can be replicated.

HGH India 2017 was held at the Bombay Exhibition Centre from July 4-6, 2017.  

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