Saturday, June 17, 2017

Flaunt the Faucet!

By Shrabana Das
Photography: courtesy IAnD Archives
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"Aqua Trendz Faucet hafele indiaartndesign"
Image courtesy: Hafele India

Like the jewel in the crown, new designs of faucets can make your space that dreamlike utopia you have been aspiring for. Check out a few faucet designs that will make you go woozy…

Bathrooms and kitchens, once thought to be utility spaces are steadily gaining a sense of ownership and customization. With the ever-expanding range of kitchenware and sanitary ware flooding the market, you cannot help but wish to give your spaces that singular look, which simply says – YOU.

While we tend to focus on the bigger details like the walls, appliances, kitchen islands and sunken bathtubs, we tend to give a pass to the tiny yet conspicuous faucet. Check out a compilation of a few faucets that define simplicity in aesthetics.

"jaguar bath n shower indiaartndesign"
Image courtesy: Jaguar

For the minimalist in you!
"kohler indiaartndesign"
Image courtesy: Kohler

Or perhaps the fluid movement of water captured in the spout of the faucet brings some drama into the scene?

Interested in a shower maybe?
"delta faucets indiaartndesign"
Image courtesy: Delta faucets

Not only is the streamlined design a work of perfection, the Delta Faucet utilizes H20 kinetic technology to give the impression of continuously falling water, whilst actually saving water. Definitely a concern to be voiced in the current environmental situation.
"moen faucet indiaartndesign"
Image courtesy: Moen
"jmorpho collection by newform indiaartndesign"
Image courtesy: Newform

For the technology enthusiast, here is another one.

"grohe indiaartndesign"
Image courtesy: Grohe

Germaphobes Unite! This baby adopts a hands-free approach, while rinsing; thanks to inbuilt sensors. Extremely helpful for culinary situations in the kitchen, this one is a prize!
"marrakesh by kohler indiaartndesign"
Image courtesy: Kohler

And finally, for those who wish to visit Africa and wander down the narrow market streets, while daydreaming about the gorgeous colours and gems, here is Marrakesh brought to your home. The Marrakesh collection by Kohler, is directly inspired from the rich culture of Morocco and the intricate mosaic creations are engraved in fine china.

Keep renovating, keep decorating!

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