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Art of the matter!

IAnD Exclusive

By Marina Correa
Photography: Courtesy the architects/designers
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"art in interiors designers indiaartndesign"
Art in Interiors

IAnD brings you sound bytes from a discerning bunch of interior designers and architects on the “role of art in interior design & architecture”…

Commemorating a month-long focus on the role of art as an intrinsic entity of our spaces and built forms, IAnD spoke to select architects/ designers, who are known for literally sculpting their spaces.

Throughout the month of February 2017, we have discerningly collated design features that address ‘art’ in its myriad applications, both intrinsic and extrinsic. Our Guest Editor for the month – renowned interior designer, Shabnam Gupta has been expressing her views on the subject every week via the editorial. Her projects too depict a strong sense of aesthetics that perceives art – not as separate entity, but as a holistic indispensable.

Here are the other opinions, straight from the designers to you:

"art in interiors zero 9 indiaartndesign"
"Art not only enhances a space, but creates everlasting memories at the subconscious level."

“Even when spaces are designed with stark minimal thought process, they bring an element of artistic expression through use of Light in the given volume. Striking a balance in the various forms of arts is an art in itself. Putting up a fantastic canvas next to another canvas might not work in all cases. But if a canvas is balanced with a beautiful sculpture, it harmonises the visual story perfectly.”
...Prashant Chauhan, Zero9 
The architects and designers are known for many a visual narrative with their style-congruent interiors.

"art in interiors seza indiaartndesign"
"Without art there is only structure."

“Art should express the individuality of a user – becoming an extension of his personality. Also, care must be taken to effortlessly blend varied works within a space, as if it belongs. In some cases such as a clinic or dealing room, we probably do not require much artwork as equipment or computers must take precedence. Bearing in mind that the primary objective of art is always to enhance, too much of it can sometimes create chaos.” 
...Seema Puri, co-principal architect, SEZA
  The firm is known for its artistic expressions and painstaking design consciousness.

"art in interiors goregaokar indiaartndesign"
“A space is likely to lack soul without the use of any form of art, as art has an intrinsic potency to change moods and transform spaces.”  

“Since art, architecture and interior design speak the same language – that of visual aesthetics – art becomes an extension of a designer’s practice. Any kind of art - be it a painting or mural or artistic lighting adds colour, texture and character. However, just as anything used in extreme can be devastating, so too with art. A keen sense of measured proportions and its relevance to the theme of the space must be ensured for it to flourish.” 
-- Sachin Goregaokar, director, GA Design
The architecture and design firm is well-known for their refined sense of aesthetics and understated luxury.

"art in interiors dipen gada indiaartndesign"
"art in interiors dipen gada indiaartndesign"
“Art transcends boundaries – forging a primary bond of connection between the external world of our senses and our internal world of thoughts and understanding.”

“Art installations have an inseparable symbiotic relationship with a designed space. Though their medium of expressions may differ greatly, they leave a lasting impression on the space and its user. Art can never be a hindrance if used appropriately (free in its aim); in fact it is therapeutic as it appeals to the senses. 
...Dipen Gada, principal architect, Dipen Gada & Associates
DGA is known for creating metaphors that mirror nature in all their design and build projects. 

"art in interiors studio osmosis indiaartndesign"
“Art often serves as a great conversation starter transforming the art owner into a story teller, where art becomes the medium to share conversation and memories together.”

“Art brings focus and direction to a space and design as well as helps balance colour and lends character and texture. However, having said this, art must be chosen wisely – fusing with the overall d├ęcor and of the right scale and positioning. For this, we must involve art in the process of designing versus introducing it as an afterthought.
...Shilpa Jain Balvally, co-principal architect, Studio Osmosis
The young firm stands out for its creative, collaborative and sustainable body of work.

"art in interiors zz architects indiaartndesign"
“As designers we are artists of a different kind. We don’t paint with physical colours, but the symphony created by different elements and materials and their union is a piece of art.” 

“Art being an extension of our inner being is very personal. It cannot be forced. It gives both depth and meaning, acts as a purpose for conversation and touches our visual and intellectual senses. However, an over-usage of any element, which shies away from adding value – be it emotional or visual and takes away from the core purpose of a space - becomes overbearing and unnecessary. So as architects, we have to control and balance factors like placements, size, lighting and how life circulates in or around it.” 
...Krupa Zubin and Zubin Zainuddin, principal architects, ZZ Architects
The firm is known for their in-depth research analysis and keen artistic judgement.

"art in interiors adnd architects indiaartndesign"
 “An artistic sensibility is a much evolved emotion and reserved to a smaller, niche audience; whereas design needs to find a much larger common denominator for appeal.” 

“Art can be found in manifestations of surface treatments (colour, graphics, lighting solutions etc.) which must supplement the original script intended for the space as the two cannot exist independently of each other. Public design interventions often need a more sensitised approach, whilst art used at a memorial has to be thought-provoking, going beyond its simplistic aesthetic appeal.  
...Shobhan Kothari and Anand Menon, partners, Atelier Design N Domain (ADND) 
The firm encourages dialogue on design possibilities and the challenges that come with it. 

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