Friday, December 16, 2016

Refining the neutral palette

By Savitha Hira
Photography: Courtesy SMStudio
Read Time: 2 mins 
"living dining SMStudio indiaartndesign"

SM Studio weaves an ingenious vocab of neutral colours to infuse soul, depth and character into a spectacular home in Mumbai suburbs...

A home is luxurious; and, a home is luxurious! So, how does one really make a unique luxurious statement in a milieu of expansive luxe residences?! SM Studio seems to think it’s simple! Prinicpal architects Suresh Mistry and Meghana Shetty toe the tried-and-tested neutral palette defining a sprawling 4BHK-2terrace-41/2 bathroom plush home with a beatific view of the Mumbai skyline; but the difference lies in their approach to neutrality as the mainstay of the project!
"living room seating SMStudio indiaartndesign"
"god in details SMStudio indiaartndesign"

Spaces come alive in varying tones of umber, ranging from light hues to deep-toned tints suffusing the objects that come in their path with washes of colour that blend, flirt, and at places stand ground making a marked statement. Varying shades of grey seem to fall into place, beguilingly simple in use; yet strikingly accentuating. And does black become the cutting line? Refreshingly no; white does. Mostly pearly white – finds it way in, authenticating the schema and amplifying the plush factor.
"terrace with jacuzzi SMStudio indiaartndesign"

It is a smart home, urbane with an upped style quotient; yet homely, engaging, full of warmth. Spaces flow seamlessly, ingeniously divided via partitions that slide to reveal additions and can be cordoned off at will to preserve intimacy. Indoors are opened to the elements via two terrace spaces that flank the living–dining areas; as the entrance lobby links to all areas of the home. French windows and full-length mirrors augment the ambience.
"luxurious bedroom SMStudio indiaartndesign"
"luxe bedroom SMStudio indiaartndesign"

There is uniformity of material – a single marble is used throughout the entire home; and an oomph factor is introduced through carefully selected and positioned art and artefacts. Materials are diligently crafted – a silk textured wallpaper, mahogany juxtaposed with crème, mirror chips with fine detailing,  metallic tiles, faux leather, fired clay, ebony veneer, silver foiling, ceramics, glass... playing up to the ceiling that is regal at 12 ft.
"luxe bathroom SMStudio indiaartndesign"
"wall treatment bathroom SMStudio indiaartndesign"
"metallic tiles bathroom SMStudio indiaartndesign"

With natural light optimised and artificial light relegated to designing the evening mood, the home comes across punctuated with contemporary character; but subtly infused with a now-there-now-gone timelessness. 

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