Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Mirrored Homes

By Rutvi Ashar
Photography: Courtesy Invent Architects
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undulating walls

Villa specialists, Invent Architects, based out of Chennai have designed two individual connected villas for their sibling clients, fulfilling their need for a privacy-oriented yet interactive residence...

This project near Chennai focuses on creating a strong architectural language by employing the most basic design principles of symmetry and axial design. The twin villas are a contextual mass of a 4 BHK along with a common landscaped foreground. Ensuring complete privacy by the orientation of spaces on the site and within the built mass, the architects have not compromised on interaction, which was a major client requirement.

cantilevered rooms
common area
linear vertical windows

The vibrant orange stone cladding works beautifully with the gray and white of the undulating walls that frame the lush greenery on the ground as well as the terrace. Horizontal bands of the cladding materials are broken by repetitive vertical boxes both, in the home as well as the pool. Sleek beams and pergolas help in breaking the horizontality of the facade resulting in a contemporary twin elevation. The challenge of following a distinctive yet site-suitable brief is dealt with extremely well and understandably so as the firm specialises in villa architecture.

open structural members

A picture perfect home has been literally mirrored on this site; with visual and spatial play using cantilevered masses lending a playful light and shadow ambience to the centralised common area. Adding to this, is a connection on the ground floor as well as a bridge at the terrace level that allows for the dynamic design of structural members that are left raw, highlighting not just their purpose, but also inviting aesthetic appreciation.

twin walls
play of material

This design stands for all nuclear-joint families in India that are looking to live together yet seeking privacy. The in-between of a bungalow and an apartment is now here, probably here to stay for a long time!  

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