Thursday, December 31, 2015

The ribbon-effect home by InFORM Architects

By Neehar Mishra
Photography: Clare Arni and Shankar Ramakrishnan; courtesy the architects
 ribbon-effect home by InFORM Architects

Modern-day living, characterised by technological excellence overpowering familial ties, calls for homes that strike the right balance of proximity and privacy, aesthetics and functionality and quirk and subtlety…

R Residence in Bengaluru, a project by InFORM Architects, is a striking example of how creative use of space in a 40ft x 60 ft. area has culminated into a residence that is ultra modern, exudes contemporary charm with an almost all-white colour palette, but still retains the warmth of a family home.
monochromatic palette
plush living room in black and white

The design vocabulary of the three-storey home (and a mezzanine) relies heavily on geometric curves. Starting from the exterior, which is defined by forward and backward falling curvilinear strips that demarcate driveway, main entrance and basement garden, the ribbon effect continues to define the different parts of the home, from the entrance to the terrace, in a seemingly seamless integration.
dining with open kitchen

The mosaic black-and-grey surface that begins from the entrance extends inside the house, continues all the way up the staircase, finally cascading down the ceiling, delineating all aspects of the home - form, function, openings, furniture etc in perfect synchrony.
skewed elevations

The living room, dining and open kitchen are located on the ground floor, on split levels; while the topmost floor comprises the entertainment unit, the terrace and a spare bedroom. The master bedroom on the first floor is spacious and suite-like, with its cosy sitting area and a luxurious bathroom. The black, white and grey palette is punctuated by a shot of red velvet-like ceiling in the kids’ bedroom - a high-ceiling space with a mezzanine that serves as the study area. 
master suite

While the colour scheme is kept monochromatic, accent points are created throughout the home by introducing spots of bright colour (such as the kids’ room), wood and unconventional but high-on-aesthetics windows and units. The unconventional design approach of the interiors is bound by the pixelated black-and-white glass mosaic that loops through different areas of the home, encouraging familial connectivity via internally networked visual and aural volumes.

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