Tuesday, November 3, 2015

This Diwali, luxuriate the bed!

Pre-Diwali Special 

IAnD Exclusive

By Leah Linhares
Photography: Courtesy World Wide Web

Bed dress styles

Bed dress styles follow an alluring fashion as much as clothing does. It could be a dainty touch of decoration that enhances the bed or at the other extreme, a bold application of colour and pattern…

The number, shape, material, plain or patterned aspects and the drape of bed linen and its accessorizing elements play a crucial role in bedroom décor – more so because the bed epitomizes the functional aesthetics of the bedroom. This festive season, luxuriate in a stylish bed!

Here are some practical and easy-to-achieve bed-dress styles…

Bed dress styles

Luxuriate in neutral tones and rich textures for a sophisticated look! Small-scale and delicate are fashion-inspired patterns while rich colours appear new and modern when paired with bright white.

Bed dress styles

We see faultless whites with antique detailing, the surprise of greys, blocks of subtle colour and interesting mixes of pastels and tonal variations of the same shade in place of busy patterns wending their way into the bedroom.

Bed dress styles
©valiantdesign.com; ©sdsinet.com

Play with the most decorating asset- the accent pillows, to balance colour, pattern and create personality for any room.

Bed dress styles

When we speak of colours, you simply cannot forget the material that is to be used. Linen brings back the good old days of extravagance. This material is blissfully comfortable, strong and durable and definitely worth a lifetime investment.

Bed dress styles

The next best thing you can do for your bed is an ensemble in cottons. You can really experiment with it – mix patterns, textures and colours – mix solids with floral prints, bold stripes with checked prints, so on and so forth. There really is no end to the creativity that you can achieve with cottons.

Bed dress styles
Bed dress styles

Velvet and Satin are materials you can juggle with. Velvet has the power to give your bedroom a royal look whereas Satin treats your eyes to a gorgeous glistening whether in pink, blue or even black!

Bed dress styles
©ilovezencart.com; ©cameraphotoreviews.co

Other materials in demand are: Chenille, Crepe de chine, jacquard, lace and lace trimmings, fur, gossamer…

Bed dress styles
©aliexpress.com; ©bykoket.com; ©landscapecreationsofflorida.com;©iremicon.net; 

Just as you enjoy a deliciously brewed cup of coffee, similarly the joy of a beautifully dressed bed is experienced rather than voiced!

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