Friday, September 18, 2015

The Art of Bookkeeping

By Chirag Sharma
Photography: Courtesy World Wide Web

entire wall book storage

Bookkeeping is an art in itself! Here are some handy hints on how you can make the best use of your space to treasure your collections…

Although the onus is more on gadgetry these days, books and magazines remain symbols of ‘liveability’ and ‘culture’, abided by millions of book lovers. However, bookkeeping is an art that needs constant nurturing. We bring you some practical as well as aesthetic options that will help you store your books and magazines appropriately and access them easily, when the need arises…

For Books:
Single line or multiple rows of bookcases along the walls could be stationed in the living room, above beds or even in the entrance or other passages.

furniture as book storage

A complete wall unit or a piece of furniture with built-in storage could be an ideal place for your books.

antique Edwardian revolving bookshelf

Freestanding revolving bookcases are another option that bring back the Victorian era and can even be used as the focal point of your d├ęcor.

books as table base

A set of thick books topped with a clear bevel-edged glass could act as a very individualistic coffee table or side table. Interchange the books as often and in this way keep those heavy volumes free of dust!


For the kid’s rooms, combine bookcases effectively with general storage units to encourage your children to put books away after they are through with reading them.

clever and engaging book arrangement

Think up unusual decor options that can encourage your family and friends to pick up a book and revisit the almost-forgotten habit.

wall-mounted unusual bookshelves

Creativity is key. Whether designer or DIY, high-end aesthetics accentuate a bookshelf.

quirky bookshelves add pizzazz to everyday living

For Magazines:
The major problem with magazines is keeping them neat. Since most of us use them for leisure reading, we tend to place them around – on chairs, coffee tables, etc. Here is how to get things in order:
  • As new issues come into the house, get rid of the old.
  • Have a special slit designed in your bookcase, where you could keep your magazines.
  • For hardcore magazine buffs - use a magazine binder - whereby you could club issues together according to date, subject of interest or whatever else your priority lies in.
magazine binders
portable magazine rack

  • Magazines can also be stored flat or on tilted shelves that can expose the title and cover.
  • Portable magazine holders are an evergreen popular choice.

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