Saturday, September 26, 2015

Graphically Dynamic!

By Nitika  Agarwal 
Photography: Courtesy the designer

Pushkar Thakur

The Grafiosi, an exclusive art and design studio in Delhi is wonderfully creative and an absolute delight for any design enthusiast. At once, it unfolds a sense of serenity and dynamism as you stay on…

‘Grafiosi’ is inspired by the word ‘Mafiosi’. Although the studio’s design approach is unrelated to the concept of the Mafia, it is inspired by some of its main attributes and values. Its creative director and founder, Pushkar Thakur is a self-taught designer, who began honing his passion and ability to design since he was an engineering student. He strives to go beyond visual aesthetic, believes in being absolutely minimal and designs with a purpose to define a versatile, global design language. This multi-award winning studio founded in 2005 specializes in identity creation for industries, brands and individuals.

Installation at LDF 2015
Installation at LDF 2015

Pushkar is also a professional artist, photographer and a passionate traveler. His artwork is primarily digital and is reflective of his visits to different places that he sometimes animates through his art.

This year, The Grafiosi introduces itself for the first time at the 2015 London Design Festival celebrating a decade long journey along with an official launch of its latest retail brand OriginOne. This brand will essentially be the resource for all contemporary art and lifestyle products. 


On this platform, together with a collection of his digital artwork and photography, he will showcase an installation that illustrates the anatomy of his studio’s design process. In appearance, the installation corresponds to the studio, forming a row of book shelves with multiple mini installations inside that exhibit various products that are part of The Grafiosi and OriginOne.

Conceptually, the installation is reflective of the various factors that are associated with the design process. It takes the audience through the thoughts and emotions that one goes through in this course through a medium of technology that he believes, plays a great role at the present time. 


The Grafiosi is a narrative of constant creation and exploration that strives to define a unique, contemporary design language that is reflective of its roots.

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