Sunday, July 12, 2015

Monsoon Mania – Tips and Tricks

By Chirag Sharma
Photography: Courtesy the designers

house with swimming pool
©Space Architects

Here are some tips and tricks that will banish the mundane and the monsoon blues, leaving your home glowing with pride! 

We all love showers - especially when the earthy scent of wet mud tickles our senses and the heavenly downpours banish the sweltering heat and bring back the romance into our lives. But with the rains - come a thousand little monster-like irritables - the wet clothing spread around the home, the added humidity making you feel like cleaning things all over again, the dripping umbrellas; and worse still, leakage from window sills that was long forgotten, seepage surfacing from its last unsuccessful repair, an older member of the family falling on the slippery floor or perhaps even a short circuit!! Well, we have gathered some very pragmatic ‘dos and don’ts’ that should take care of the safety factor, while you enjoy the monsoons!

plush bedroom
©Design Cosmos

Some dos:
▪ Ensure that the wires are dry – not near a damp wall or on a damp wall; there could always be a possibility of a short circuit.

luxurious bathroom
©ACT Design

▪ Keep the bathroom floor dry to avoid slipping in an already humid atmosphere.

living room
©Collage Architecture

▪ Work on windows before the rains – or else you will have rainwater coming in.
▪ Wear appropriate footwear before you switch on the air-conditioner
▪ Keep moth balls/ naphthalene balls in all your cupboards and air-fresheners in wardrobes to ward off the musty smell

beautiful paintings
©Gaurav Roy Choudhury Architects

▪ Keep a close watch on your expensive paintings - canvases and watercolors to avoid moisture collecting on them. For in-depth care of your precious art, check out our tips on monsoon care for art.

wall-mounted workstation

▪ Place moisture bags on all electronic equipment, in and around computers, television sets, CD players, and VCRs too!
▪ Open up the rooms that are not used regularly, especially after a heavy spell of rains, so that the place is free from humidity.
▪ Arm yourself with a proper doormat.
▪ Roll up your dhurries and rugs and sport a stark ambience for a change!

children whispering
©Niko Design Studio

▪ Use child-safety locks on your switchboards.
▪ Ensure that your overhead water tank is properly covered so that no rainwater gets in.
▪ In case, you are in the process of refurbishing, make sure you purchase seasoned wood (it will not expand) for new windows in the home. We have busted some popular myths for you. Check them out here

Some don’ts
▪ Use soap on the floor while swabbing – the floor will tend to become sticky.
▪ Camouflage a wet wall by placing furniture items like cabinets or chairs in front of it – it will initiate a white ant problem.
▪ Wipe your brass and other artifacts with a wet sponge during the monsoons – just keep them away safely wrapped up for sometime instead.
▪ Exert pressure while wiping your paintings dry – use a soft dry brush instead.

©O&A Architects

▪ Wipe your ceiling fans with a wet cloth – it will only add to the moisture. Use a dry wipe for best results!
▪ Leave plugs unattended to; secure them at a height or place them out of reach.

greens on the balcony
©Thomas Balaban Architects

▪ Over-water your precious plants! Exercise your discretion depending on the weather.
▪ Allow leaves etc., to collect near the mouth of your drainpipes – on the ground and the terraces - the drain will tend to get clogged.

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