Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The essence of being Indian

By Savitha Hira
Photography: Courtesy RJIA

sloping roofs

A villa in Indore comes alive at the hands of interior designer Rakeshh Jeswaani, balancing fine nuances of Indian craft in a contemporary setting...

Mumbai-based Rakeshh Jeswaani Interior Architects have recently designed a 15000 sq. ft. villa constructed on a 2 acre plot in Indore. Beautifully landscaped, the Asian style ground-plus-one structure with its large windows and staggered sloping roofs has a welcoming presence with its wooden canopied porch that leads one into the home.

grand entrance canopy in wood
art in architecture

Warmth and a lived-in feel greet one inside, mingled as it is with a chic, plush look. Working with extensive wood panelling and a neutral base palette, the designer uses an understated backdrop, against which he juxtaposes Indian craft accents as seen in Rajasthani Tekdi mirror work console edging and mirror frame in the entrance foyer; silver leaf on carved wooden mandir door; Mother of Pearl inlay in grey stone that mimics a runner on the glossy PU-coated dining table; hand-crafted balustrade edge, headboard, and the like. Decorative lighting and select interior accessories then fill in for the aesthetic quotient.

indian craft in furniture design
rajasthani tekdi work

Rakeshh plays on textures to engage the eye and he does this best by building a narrative with a discerning material palette and onus on detailing it right. So we have panelling depicting natural teak wood grains and herringbone wood flooring vying for attention with a wall in chips of Indian grey stone, a Balinese mural crafted in lava stone and wooden cubes wrapped in printed paper and lacquered to a smooth finish acting as just some of the intriguing elements in this eclectic home.

hand crafted headboard
interior design and decor

With the general concept being a balance of the use of earthy materials like wood, rough stone, copper, along with richer materials like Italian marbles, onyx and the decorative elements, the home comes alive in a chic aura, balancing contemporary design elements with an overall craft-appeal.

hand crafted screens

interior courtyard

The highlight of the project is its innate Indianness, made instantaneously visible through a water body with a live champa tree that graces the entrance foyer. The double-height foyer with its skylight above augments the ambience and enhances the feeling of awe with which one steps into the home. 


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