Friday, May 15, 2015

Designed to Surprise

By Zoya
Photography: Courtesy SM Associates
tunnel suite structure on terrace

Have you ever associated living in a tunnel, with style, comfort and luxury?  Check out this apartment extension carved by Sumessh Menon’s out-of-box design to believe it!

Over a period of 90 days last year, Sumessh transformed a tin tunnel into a fashionable guest suite atop a residential terrace in Pune.
metal facade

The 25’ x 10’ x 14’ tunnel maintains an inside temperature of 20°C in scorching heat and thundering showers, thanks to its five-inch thick glass wool insulating layer. The insulated tunnel constructed out of curved metal frames, bent plywood and coated metal is ideal to combat the fluctuating temperatures of the city,” explains the designer.  
massive wood-and-glass propeller window

The tin facade and its minty green colour almost camouflage the suite and make it look like a temporary structure. Indoors, the interiors reflect urbane luxury with the bathroom designed in a back-to-nature theme. The whole ambience reflects ‘living amidst forestry’: the end of the tunnel on the bathroom side is clad with frosted double glass with sandwiched bamboo shoots, while limestone and other stones used for the flooring and furniture take the nature thematic forward.  
nature themed bathroom

A monochromatic vinyl print of birds flying between tree branches (a random photograph shot in Mumbai; now digitally printed and enhanced) covers the white curved ceiling and blinds, reinstating the nature bit; and constituting seamlessness, when viewed in conjunction with the wooden flooring.  
massive wood-and-glass propeller window lets in light
massive wood-and-glass propeller window shuttered for privacy

At the other end, light enters the suite at dramatic angles from a massive wood-and-glass propeller window, adding a touch of drama. The bright and colourful flaps can, however be pulled over to block daylight or ensure privacy.
bed with backlit headboard and curved lit footboard

The spotlight of the suite, however, lies on the bed that has been highlighted by a backlit headboard and curved, lit footboard.
stairs leading to the terrace

Rattle proof, termite proof and sound proof are just some of the bonus features of this smart architecture that confirms that all it takes is a fertile imagination and a heightened aesthetic sense to add a plush all-equipped room to your house.

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