Saturday, March 28, 2015

Sensual Soothers - Pinks & Mauves

By Chirag Sharma
Photography: Courtesy World Wide Web
combine pink and mauve for a dramatic effect

Colour can at times effect a more potent communiqué than words!  Pinks and Mauves are two such subtle hues of red and purple that elicit very pleasant reactions in people and the environment...

Personal preferences and more importantly – the mood of the moment almost instantaneously respond to colour!  Pinks and mauves depict a very positive energy that tends to place them in a class, where happy moments abide.
shades of pink & mauve on the wall

Both, individually as well as when combined, the two hues tend to soothe your anxieties and lighten your heart. They cool down your emotions and induce calm. Hence, environments that are adorned with these colours tend to bring out positive reactions in a person and have a very restful and relaxing effect.
shades of pinks and mauves add soft romanticism

The colour pink has various mood swings being romantic, youthful, happy, or sweet based on its application. However, the key in application lies in the chosen intensity of the colour; the extent and the location or area of application. For example, hot pink has the same high-energy spirit as its mother red, A hotter pink - such as "bubble gum pink" can create a feeling of movement and wild abandon and appears fun and exciting; yet, it is riskier to use than red because it is often considered as a passing fad and it does not age well.
fuschia aura for a regal room

Hot pink, when combined with primary colours, tends to create a whimsical and playful feeling. These colours tend to constantly stimulate the environment.
pink in accessories like cushions and table lamps

Softer pinks are beautiful and tend to generate a romantic mood and show a tendency towards a tender and feminine feel; while dusty pinks and mauves are soft, subtle, and sentimental; they are considered as extremely safe colours and do not have too much of a gender bias.
baby pink for a baby girl's bedroom

Darker shades of pink like Magenta or Fuchsia lend an impression of being sensual and theatrical.
bedroom in pink and mauve hues

Similarly mauve, which is a subtle hue, has definite qualities of its mother purple - regal, spiritual, elegant, mysterious creating an enigma that can influence mood swings from contemplative to regal to sensual, depending on the way it is applied. Just like its parent purple, it depicts the magic that is wrought by the excitement and sexuality of red and the tranquillity of blue. But unlike its parent, it induces softer emotions, renting the atmosphere with subtlety and restrained sophistication. Mauve is a colour not easily understood; it may seem sentimental and mushy to some, while it generally soothes frayed nerves. 

When combined, the two hues tend to create pleasant restful décor elements. They can be used to do up entire rooms or may be used as accents on walls, in soft furnishings, in paintings and in accessories.

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  1. The pink colour interiors given in the images was mind blowing. It lend an impression of being sensual and theoretical. Impressed of the interiors excellent interiors.


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